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Destruction simulator Teardown smashes its way to a full release this month

Are you ready to break things?

Mayhem and destruction in Teardown. Image: Tuxedo Labs
Pete Volk (he/they) is Polygon’s Senior Curation Editor, with a particular love for action and martial arts movies.

Teardown, the voxel destruction game that has delighted players for years with its physics-based destruction gameplay and the freedom to obliterate anything and everything you see, is finally getting a 1.0 release on Steam on April 21, developer Tuxedo Labs has announced.

Teardown is a single player game that takes place in a “fully destructible and interactive environment,” allowing players to find creative and/or explosive solutions to tricky problems as the owner of a struggling demolition company. Players can use tools as varied as sledgehammers, guns, fire extinguishers, and explosives to beat the campaign’s 40 missions (which received an update last October), or mess around in sandbox mode for a more freestyle approach.

Teardown also boasts a vibrant modding community on Steam Workshop, bringing more characters and buildings to the game just for you to destroy.

The 1.0 build of Teardown is scheduled to release on Steam April 21 for $19.99.

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