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Splatoon 3’s Zipcaster is the game’s best new special weapon

Swimming up a wall is fun; hookshotting to it is way better

an image of Inklings from Splatoon 3 with the Zipcaster ultimate. The Inklings are covered in paint from head to toe and appear to be wearing scarves. Image: Nintendo

When the ink-shooting game Splatoon first launched, a huge novelty of the game was spraying paint on walls, and swimming up them as your squidlike character. But Splatoon 3, the most recent installment in the series, kicks this mechanic up a notch with a new special weapon called the Zipcaster, which allows you to hookshot from wall to wall. It’s a joy to use, and by far one of the best new mechanics in the game.

To use the power, you need to charge up your special gauge by spraying ink on the course. Once you activate it, your Inkling or Octoling becomes cloaked in a drippy, gooey mess of paint, and you can aim at walls to rocket toward them and land with a giant splat. It has decent range, and is by far the quickest way to move across, up, and down a course. Furthermore, when you land, you don’t need to worry about immediately falling to your death, because you hang on to the wall by default.

Splatoon 2 introduced a similar mechanic, called Grapplinks, in its single-player campaign, but those were limited because you had to aim at hovering orbs that acted as anchor points. With the Zipcaster, you can zip to any wall you want at a breathless pace.

In Splatoon 3’s single-player campaign, some of the levels grant you unlimited charges of the weapon, allowing you to zip around to your heart’s content. In one section of one such level, I sprayed paint, went flying off a jump, and then aimed my Zipcaster midair and got pulled to a faraway wall, before landing to kill multiple enemies.

It makes for some true Spider-Man moments, and while we have yet to see how it will play out long-term in online multiplayer, fans already posted videos of just how strong it was during the Splatoon 3 Splatfest in August.

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