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Sons of the Forest starts off with a disaster — but not always the same kind

You’ll always have Kelvin, though!

Sons of the Forest - A beautiful scene with a waterfall, deep in the forest. A woman with multiple limbs and mutations bathes under the stream. Image: Endnight Gaemes/Newnight
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Sons of the Forest starts in the same way as many other horror games. Our protagonist sits in a helicopter, musing over his mission briefing. There are other copters to the side, and our hero is joined by a squad of equipped professionals. The player gets access to the protagonist and peruses his laptop.

Once the character has checked out the billionaire family he needs to rescue and closed his laptop, everything goes straight to hell. But the opening has an interesting twist — there are multiple ways that the chaos can play out, and it’s tied to your starting location.

Because this is a survival game with scary elements, I wasn’t particularly surprised when the copter went down in a fiery wreck. What was surprising was how the crash played out. Sometimes the helicopter crashes on a snowy peak, and the protagonist is thrown from his seat, only to find the helicopter tumbling down after him. Other times, the aircraft plunges into the ocean, forcing the survivors to swim to the surface. In another scenario, the helicopter ends up wrapped in the branches of a tree. Our protagonist watches in horror as the pilot tries to ease his way out of the wreck, only to fall to his death.

Despite the details and the scenery, some elements of the intro remain the same. There will always be a guy in a weird jumpsuit who shows up and knocks the protagonist out, you’ll always find your buddy Kelvin with an apparent brain injury, and you’ll find some survival supplies scattered around the crash. But the table setting makes individual playthroughs feel a little different, and it makes the island feel more dangerous — after all, this forest is just full of surprises, and multiple intros are the least of the revelations in store.

We’ve reached out to developer Endnight for more details on how the intros are selected and how many variations are available, and will update when the studio responds.

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