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Love Is Blind is getting a game so you can experience the joy of being left at the altar

The game is based on Netflix’s hit reality television show

An overhead shot of Kwame and Chelsea in the pods in a still from Love is Blind season 4 episode 1 Image: Netflix
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This fall, you too will be able to experience the dramatic highs and lows of reality television dating — without the agonizing scrutiny of a national tv audience or treacherous producers!

Netflix-owned games studio Boss Fight Entertainment will be releasing a video game spin-off of the hit reality television show, Love Is Blind. The game is called Netflix Stories: Love Is Blind and will be available to download via the new Netflix Stories app on mobile devices. Netflix will release the game exclusively to its members Sept. 19 and eager fans can pre-register on Tuesday.

As the name suggests, Love Is Blind is a reality show where contestants date without seeing each other. Each contestant sits in a specially designed pod where they can talk to and date other contestants without seeing each other. It’s a whirlwind of a show that takes people from being strangers to getting married within months. So far, Love Is Blind has four seasons. The new video game spin-off will be released just ahead of the season 5 debut on Sept. 22.

Developers are billing the game as an “interactive story game” where your decisions will affect the outcomes of your own love story. Each player will start by designing their own character and then enter the dating pool. According to the developer’s description of the game, players can date around or settle down depending on what interests them.

Love Is Blind is the first game to come to Netflix Stories, a new app where people will be able to play games based on Netflix series and films. The app joins an ever-growing catalog of games offered by the streaming service. At the time of publication, Netflix offers surprisingly great games to its members like Into The Breach, Poinpy, and Laya’s Horizon. Additionally, Netflix has also started early tests of possible cloud gaming features.

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