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Gears 5 Into the Wild collectibles guide

Find every collectible in Act 2 – Chapter 2

The Coalition/Xbox Game Studios via Polygon

The collectibles in Gears 5 Act 2 – Chapter 2: Into the Wild are hidden throughout the map starting soon after you take control. In this guide, we’ll show you how to find them all. We’ll also call out any Components to pick up along the way.


On your way to New Hope, watch for a red shack on the edge of the frozen lake. There’s a Component on the ground near the ramp up to the shack. You can also pick up the Relic Longshot inside.

Collectible 1 // Grindlift Maintenance Notes

Close to where Del spots the derailed train (we actually found Collectible 2 before this one), you’ll see the Train Tunnel on your map to the southwest. Head inside and fight the Carrier you find there. After it’s down, kick open the train car to find this collectible and a Component.

Collectible 2 // Faded Photograph

A little northeast of the Train Tunnel, watch for a derailed train. Climb inside the first car for this collectible.

Collectible 3 // Lena’s Journal

Just before you get to New Hope, you’ll have to ditch your skiff and start walking. At the top of a rise, you’ll find an Outsider camp. This collectible is laying out in the open with another Component.

Collectible 4 // Islander’s Lost Earring

A little west of the Old COG Wall location on your map, look for the wreckage of a truck (maybe a Minotaur?). This earring is on the corpse next to it. (Even if you miss it during Chapter 2, you can pick this up afterward during Chapter 3 when you’re on your way to the Old Cog Wall.)

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