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Gears 5 Forest for the Trees collectibles guide

Find every collectible in Act 2 – Chapter 3

The Coalition/Xbox Game Studios via Polygon

The collectibles in Gears 5 Act 2 – Chapter 3: Forest for the Trees are hidden throughout the map starting soon after you take control. In this guide, we’ll show you how to find them all. We’ll also call out any Components to pick up along the way.

Chapter 3 begins after you jump down the ledge inside New Hope, shortly after you’ve discovered the Outsider Camp.

Collectible 1 // Intercepted Letter

As soon as you get inside, hug the right wall. This collectible is on a desk in the lobby, right in front of the door you can’t open.

Components (3)

After you fight the Warden, go up the stairs ahead of you. Look for a door to kick open on your right(ish) to get into the stone building there. Go down the stairs and have Jack open the safe.

Components (3)

The Coalition/Xbox Game Studios via Polygon

After you fight a bunch of Rejects and a Swarm, you’ll fall down into a hidden jail. Head to the right and look for a cell with poison gas blocking the door. Use Jack’s Stim support to survive the trip in and out.

Collectible 2 // Sovereign Directive 10345

In a locked door that Jack can open just past the cell blocked by poison gas. It’s on a table underneath some X-rays in the back right corner.

There are also three components on the other side of the room.

Collectible 3 // Patient Analysis: AX-331-2

In the room immediately past the a half-opened double door (and the locked room where you found Collectible 2), you’ll find this collectible on the table along the left side of the room.

Collectible 4 // Patient Analysis: EV-184-9

Smash the glass in Niles’ favorite patient’s room, and hop into the observation room. This collectible is in on a desk against the wall next to a computer on the left.

Collectible 5 // PATIENT ANALYSIS: RK-619-4

The Coalition/Xbox Game Studios via Polygon

Continue past the stasis tanks and the Sires, and you’ll hop down into some hallways. Just a little past that is a room on your right. You’ll find this on a table next to a corpse on a gurney inside.

Collectible 6 // TIMEWORN DATA DRIVE

On your search for Niles’ AI, you’ll enter a big room where Kait will talk to Del about what to ask the AI. Head to the far left corner, and drop down the stairs to another room with stalls along one wall. This collectible is along the right hand wall (opposite those stalls).

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