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Gears of War 4 collectibles guide: Act 1

There are 17 collectibles hidden within the five chapters of Gears of War 4's first act. Here's how to find them all.

0. Prologue Part 1

UIR security report

After you chuck a grenade into the room with the turret, open to the door to that room and walk through. Cross the courtyard and enter another room. The collectible is right in front of you, sitting on a table on the left wall.

COG tag: J. Thubron

Walk through the room where you collected UIR Security Report, turn right, and head down. In front of you and to your left, you'll see a wall made of big, stone blocks. Walk to the far side of that wall, and you'll find the body of a fallen soldier. Approach it, and collect a COG tag from J. Thubron / SPC / Montevado 151845518.

UIR anti-COG pamphlet

After you've chucked a grenade to neutralize the turret, you'll unlock a door to enter the next area. But before you get there, you'll find yourself in front of another locked door that opens automatically. Your enemies are behind that. So is a collectible. If you walk out the door that opens automatically and turn left immediately, you'll see a poster on the wall. That's the collectible.

0. Prologue Part 2

Jacinto Herald

Head straight as you begin, turn left and head straight again. On your left, in between scattered cars, you'll see a shack that looks like a toll booth. Enter the booth, and you'll find a bundle of stacked of papers on a desk.

COG tag G. Wagner

After the giant monster appears from underneath the street, you have to get the Hammer of Dawn. Instead, run past the van with the Hammer of Dawn and up the stairs surrounding the courtyard. Turn left and keep walking until you reach the end of that pathway. Next to a pillar, you'll find a body. Approach it and collect a COG tag from G. Wagner / PVT / Jacinto 49129751.

0. Prologue Part 3

COG tag J. Beckman

Revive the soldier in front of you and turn left toward the tank. The collectible is sitting to the tank's left against a pillar. It's not attached to a body, which makes it hard to spot. There's no good indication of its location other than the magnifying glass icon that appears when you approach. Do that and collect a COG tag from J. Beckman / CPT / Autrin 435162311.

Bernie's last will and testament

Your second goal in this chapter is to walk up a ladder. Approach the ladders, turn right and look for a table. Approach it, and you'll find a collectible on the tabletop.

1. The Raid

Rubble Reclamation Manifest

At the very beginning of the chapter, you'll need to shoot at a wooden barricade that's holding back pipes. Do that, and you'll open a gate ahead of you. That's the prerequisite for finding the collectible, too.

Instead of heading straight toward safety, though, walk from where you shot the barricade until you arrive on a ramp. Turn right immediately. The collectible is located between a few crates, just after you walk onto the ramp.

Shepherd protection pamphlet

On your way through the buildings, you'll open a door and be surprised by a worker robot. With all the confidence of a man about to be embarrassed, you'll say that you know how to avoid walkers. Walk into the room on your left, and you'll find a collectible sitting on a pile of palettes in the far left corner of that room.

Settlement 5 resident assignment list

You enter a street shaped like an L inside the second ring of the town. Then comes a fight with Deebee robots and ball-shaped Trackers. Take the first left on the street, then enter the first building on your right. In the far room, look on a shelf to find the collectible.

COG birthing pamphlet

Walk into the Maternity Annex, up the stairs and through the hall. Right after the cutscene, walk through the room to your right and pick up a collectible on a table between two chairs.

Windflare lockdown procedure

You leave the Maternity Annex walking down a large flight of stairs, and a big fight ensues. The collectible is waiting for you to the left of the staircase that you descended to arrive on the street level. Stand where you entered, turn left, and walk up a short staircase. You'll find a collectible poster on a wall next to a door.

2. In and Out

DBI Schematics

In the room where you find the fabricator, look for a glowing computer screen against a wall to find this chapter's lone collectible.

3. New friends

Shephard Safety Pamphlet

Fight and destroy the waves of big blue Deebee robots. Then leave the area where you entered, walk down the stairs and head left. You'll find the collectible in the corner next to a bench.

4. A Few Snags

Village windflare lockdown procedure

At the far end of the map (near where you set down the fabricator) look for a pamphlet on the leftmost column underneath the Town Hall sign.

Village mare breeding record

With your back to the doorway you walked through to enter the area, turn left and follow the wall on your left. At the end of that path, you'll find a small staircase. Ascend, turn right, and you'll find the collectible sitting on the ground in front of a wooden chair.

Book inscribed to Kait

With your back to the doorway you walked through to enter the area, turn right, walk just a bit, and you'll see a small staircase to your right. Walk up, and you'll find the collectible sitting on a wooden chair underneath the leaves of a tree.

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