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Gears of War 4 collectibles guide: Act 3

Gears of War 4 Act 3 has 14 collectibles scattered between its six chapters. Here's how to find them all.

1. Almost Midnight

COG ID Bracelet (S4-A1774)

Walk along the path where you begin, and when you see a building on your left with a sign blowing in the wind, walk past it and to the left of the archway. You'll find the collectible there on the ground.

Ancient Book

Right after you get covered in goo, head straight down the hallway, and you'll find this collectible on a table.

2. Night Terrors

Medical Supplies Status Form

After you nearly lose your arm and discuss redefining your understanding of the word clear, walk through the doors, turn left, and you'll find the collectible on a crate.

COG Tag (D. Nunez)

After you pick up the Mulcher and kick open the door, turn right, and you'll find the collectible on a corpse. It's the COG tag for D. Nunez / 1LT / Vonner Bay 89202512.

Tourist Map of Reval

After you walk into a courtyard with a statue in its center, turn left and follow the wall. Enter the first archway you come to. The collectible is sitting straight ahead on a bench against the far wall.

3. At the Doorstep

King Figurine Souvenir

Before heading through the door, hop straight over the barrier, follow the path around to the left, and you'll find the collectible.

Evacuation Procedures

In the courtyard where the sinkholes start forming, hug the right wall and enter the first room on your right. You'll find the collectible on the far wall.

Fort Revival Military Museum Pamphlet

After kicking in the door and walking through a small courtyard, you'll find yourself in an open area with a jerk in a turret blasting away from you high above. Before you get your revenge, hug the left wall. You'll find a staircase. Ascend it, turn right, and you'll find the collectible waiting for you.

COG tag (W. Owen)

After you lower and cross the drawbridge, follow the only hallway you can until you reach a long room. In the back right corner, vault over a barrier to find the COG Tag for W. Owen / SGT / Ephyra 21251881.

4. Do not Go Gentle

COG tag (A. Josefson)

Right after you hop down through a giant hole in the floor and find a blade-slinging Buzzkill on a table, walk past the table keeping it on your right. Walk up a few stairs, turn around, and look in the left corner of the landing you're on. There, you'll find COG tags for A. Josefson / SPC / Andius 5145181.

Silver Age Dagger

In this chapter, you have to open a door that takes two of you: one lifting door and the other pulling a chain. In the far left corner of the room you enter, you'll find this collectible.

5. Elevator to Hell

Ephyran Tribune

Look for the entranceway to the left of where you hopped down. It's labeled CONTROL, rather conveniently. Walk in, turn left, go up a ramp and turn left again. The collectible will be waiting for you on a toilet.

6. Origins

Locust Shell Crystal

When you exit the building, you'll find yourself overlooking your eventual destination and decide that, if Marcus is anywhere, he's down below. Turn left and head the only way you can. Down the first short set of stairs, you'll see a giant brownish-golden bolder on your left. That's the collectible.

Mine Scavenger List

You'll fight a bunch of Juvies and a Snatcher in a room, then you'll open a door and be surprised by the weapon cache you find ahead of you. Keep left, walk between the ammo crates, and turn left to find this collectible.

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