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Genshin Impact Ascension material guide: Where to find Jueyun Chili

This is one of the items you’ll need to Ascend Xiangling

Xiangling next to Jueyun Chilis Image: Mihoyo via Polygon
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In Genshin Impact, you’ll need experience materials to level up your characters. But once you reach certain level thresholds, like level 20, you’ll need items found in the world to Ascend those characters. Here’s how to find the Jueyun Chili.

You can find the Jueyun Chili “in the wild,” but there are tons of them in a specific location: Qinqce Village.

You only really need Jueyun Chilis for cooking and to Ascend Xiangling — the best, but hardest to earn of the free characters. You’ll need access to the Liyue region to find Qinqce Village, but unless you got lucky on you got lucky with your Wishes, you probably unlocked Liyue before Xiangling. If not, keep following the story until you reach the new region.

Xiangling Ascension screen Genshin Impact
You’ll need Jueyun Chilis every time you want to upgrade Xiangling
Image: Mihoyo via Polygon

While you’ll come across some Jueyun Chilis as part of your first quest with Xiangling in Monstadt, you won’t want to farm them in that nation. Instead, head to Qinqce Village in Northwest Liyue.

There are two teleport points in Qinqce Village, and you’ll find all the Jueyun Chilis you’ll need between them. They appear in groups of three, connected to stalks poking out of the ground. They won’t appear in the fields, so look around bushes, on the edges of cliffs, and by the water. You can also see them sticking out of the grass, so look for their distinct, red hue. We’ve found 20 or more in a single visit, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble filling your pockets.

You need Jueyun Chilis to cook the following dishes, according to the wiki:

  • Black-Back Perch Stew
  • Flash-Fried Filet
  • Jade Parcels
  • Jueyun Chili Chicken
  • Qingce Stir Fry
  • Stir-Fried Filet

Xiangling is the only character that uses the Jueyun Chili as Ascension material.

Once you have the required number of Jueyun Chilis, and the other materials you need for Xiangling, you can Ascend her to the next level.

The next level of puzzles.

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