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Genshin Impact guide: Echoing Tales conch locations and map

Collecting Echoing Conches will reward a summer-themed skin for Barbara

Barbara poses on the beach in a summer outfit Image: Mihoyo

In Genshin Impact patch 1.6, players can nab a Summertime Sparkle skin for Barbara if they participate in the Echoing Tales event. In our Genshin Impact guide, we’ll show you where to find Echoing Conches to unlock the skin and get the other rewards.

To unlock Barbara’s skin, you’ll need to collect 24 Echoing Conches hidden around the Golden Apple Archipelago, but there are 32 to collect in total.

How to unlock the Golden Apple Archipelago

To unlock the Golden Apple Archipelago, you’ll need to be at least Adventure Rank 21, and have completed the Archon Quests “Song of the Dragon and Freedom” and “Trifolium Chapter: Act I True Treasure.”

If you’ve met those requirements, go to the events page using the compass icon in the top right, and complete the quest given on the Midsummer Island Adventure tab. This quest will unlock the Golden Apple Archipelago to explore for the duration of patch 1.6.

The map has four teleport waypoints. Boat to each island and unlock them all to make the search for Echoing Conches easier.

Where to find the Echoing Conches

As of June 14, players can now find all 32 Echoing Conches. The four islands have also expanded to become much bigger, and some of the conches event give hints about new quests to complete for treasure.

Once you get close, conches will be marked on your map, similarly to how Anemoculus or Geoculus work. Most of them are in plain sight, though some of them are hidden in caves that you might not be able to see normally. If you’re having trouble, look for suspiciously crumbled rocks to break open and reveal new areas.

The map below showcases where to find all of the available Echoing Conches, courtesy of the great Genshin Impact Interactive World Map site.

A map showing many Echoing Conch shell locations in Genshin Impact Image: Mihoyo via Genshin Impact Interactive World Map

After completing Act 1 of the Golden Apple Archipelago event quests, five Echoing Conches will appear. After completing Act 2, 23 more will appear, bringing the total up to 28 Echoing Conches. Once you finish Act 3 of the event quests, 4 more conches will appear. Finish all the quests before you start looking for shells, as it’ll be easier to keep track of ones you have.

The Golden Apple Archipelago also has six world quests that reward Primogems and other goodies:

  1. The Other Side of Isle and Sea
  2. From Outer Lands
  3. A Trip Through Fog and Wind
  4. Who Wields the Wild Wind?
  5. The Winding Homeward Way
  6. They Who Hear the Sea

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