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Genshin Impact guide: Who Wields the Wild Wind? world quest walkthrough

Climb these three mountains to score some loot

Zhongli glances up with three large towering mountains behind him Image: Mihoyo via Polygon

In Genshin Impact’s Golden Apple Archipelago, there are many world quests, including the “Who Wields the Wild Wind?,” which is hidden away a little bit. In our Genshin Impact guide, we’ll walk you through how to unlock the world quest and complete it.

The Golden Apple Archipelago is a limited time area for patch 1.6, and it won’t be available after July 20, according to an in-game countdown. Make sure you complete your world quests and grab your loot before then.

To unlock the “Who Wields the Wild Wind?” world quest, head to the island in the northwest of your map. The quest should activate when you arrive in the area and approach the treasure with a red barrier.

To break the barrier, climb the three mountains and take out the enemies at the top. After you beat the monsters on top of each, a short cutscene will play, showing the red barrier weakening until it’s eventually broken.

A map marked with where to find the three swarms of enemies in Genshin Impact Graphic: Julia Lee/Polygon | Image sources: Mihoyo

After beating all three swarms of enemies, you’ll be able to open the treasure chest and complete the quest, earning yourself EXP, Mora, and Primogems.

The Golden Apple Archipelago has five other world quests that reward Primogems and other goodies:

  1. The Other Side of Isle and Sea
  2. From Outer Lands
  3. A Trip Through Fog and Wind
  4. The Winding Homeward Way
  5. They Who Hear the Sea

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