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Genshin Impact guide: Suigetsu Pool puzzle solution

Drain the pool, find the Electroculus, and complete the Relay Stone puzzle

The Tutelage: Umigozen’s Mansion domain at the bottom of a pool. Image: Mihoyo via Polygon

Suigetsu Pool on Watatsumi Island in Genshin Impact has a plethora of puzzles, with a domain in the center of it all. Our Genshin Impact guide will walk you through completing the arrow puzzle, unlocking the Tutelage: Umigozen’s Mansion domain, and solving the relay stone puzzle.

We’ve broken up the steps below by section.

Draining the pool and unlocking the Tutelage: Umigozen’s Mansion domain

First, you’ll need to pick up the Electrogranum right outside of the circle. With it by your side, line up the arrow statues to point inward. You can tell they’re pointed correctly because the circle around them will glow purple. Use the Thunder Spears in the center to quickly jump from statue to statue, as running around the circle will cause the arrows to point at you, forcing them out of position.

Once these are all set, the barriers on the Electro pillars will break. Use any Electro character’s skills to activate them quickly. Since they need to be lit up within a short time period, using a bow-wielding Electro character like Fischl or Kujou Sara will work best.

After the pillars are lit, the pool will drain but not completely. Jump down and swim through the small entrance left in the water.

A Genshin Impact screenshot showing a flooded area with a small, cavernous opening.
Swim through this opening.
Image: Mihoyo via Polygon

When you reach the end of the path, climb up into the room and activate the three mechanisms on the wall.

A Genshin Impact screenshot of a stone fortress with some diamond-shaped mechanisms on the walls.
Activate these mechanisms on the wall.
Image: Mihoyo via Polygon

The door will open, allowing you to climb up a new path.

A Genshin Impact screenshot of a stone fortress with a cracked ceiling, allowing people to climb through it.
Climb up to that half-platform.
Image: Mihoyo via Polygon

Activate a mechanism in here to drain the water in the pool even further, and pull the lever to open the gate. (You’ll see and unlock two Relay Stones here, but just ignore them for now.)

You’ll now be able to enter the Tutelage: Umigozen’s Mansion domain.

Finding the Electroculus and Luxurious Chest

Reenter the now-drained out pool, going through the hallway you previously swam through. Head up into this window, and interact with the lever at the far end of the hall, opening the gate.

A Genshin Impact screenshot of a hall entrance, showing a window high off the ground.
Climb through this window.
Image: Mihoyo via Polygon

Grab the Electrogranum right outside the gate, and use it to climb up this wall. (The ledge will be blocked off with an Electro barrier, though our screenshot doesn’t have it.)

A Genshin Impact screenshot of ruins with a hole in the ceiling.
With an Electrogranum, climb up into this hole.
Image: Mihoyo via Polygon

Once you’re up here, the Electroculus will be floating in midair, and you can climb up yet another ledge to grab the Luxurious Chest.

Completing the Relay Stone puzzle in Suigestsu Pool

As you drained the pool, you unlocked two Relay Stones, but you still need a third one to complete the puzzle, as well as an Electro Seelie that will plant itself to help relay the Electro current.

A Genshin Impact ruin with a blue glowing prayer stone and a purple bow and arrow statue. Image: Mihoyo via Polygon

First, head back down into the drained cavern to the room with the locked arrow statue and the prayer statue. Open the gate with the switch next to it and fight the enemy inside. There are two Electro pillars in here and two more around the corner outside this room. Interact with the prayer statue to spawn an Electro Seelie which will fly around showing you the order to light up the Electro pillars in.

Once you light them up, the arrow statue will unlock. Use the Electrogranum in front of the domain entrance to point this one toward the gate. Then climb through the window (the same way you did in the Electroculus step), and use that Electrogranum to point the arrow in this room at the gate. This will open up the gate, allowing you to have three Relay Stones.

On the way out, follow the Electro Seelie so it places up high by the top Electro Relay Stone. (You may have already done this passively in previous steps.)

Place two of the Relay Stones to connect the one by the hole to the center one, like in the screenshot below.

Two Relay Stones connect two far off stones. One sits above a ruined ledge and another floats in the air.
Place one of the Relay Stones atop the ruins’ ledge and another between that stone and the center stone.
Image: Mihoyo via Polygon

Place the third Relay Stone by the eastern stone, as close to the center one as you can while still getting the charge. Then use the nearby Electrogranum to charge yourself and stand between the Relay Stone you just placed and the center stone. It should look like the following screenshot.

Fischl stands connected by Electro currents to a Relay Stone and a stone offscreen.
Position yourself with an Electrogranum and the Relay Stone to connect the eastern stone to the center stone.
Image: Mihoyo via Polygon

After waiting a moment, the Exquisite Chest should spawn, finishing out your treasure adventure at Suigetsu Pool.

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