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Shirikoro Peak perch relay puzzle solution – Genshin Impact guide

Guide Seelies home and complete relay stone puzzles

The ruins inside Shirikoro Peak Image: Mihoyo via Polygon

As you run around to find the perches on Tsurumi Island in Genshin Impact, you’ll encounter some relay stone puzzles on Shirikoro Peak. Our Genshin Impact guide will show you the relay stone puzzle solutions and explain how to find the feathers to complete the Shirikoro Peak perch.

Finding the Shirikoro Peak perch and draining the peak

Zhongli stands near a tree on the left. On the right, a map shows where to find this perch in the center of Shirikoro Peak. Graphic: Julia Lee/Polygon | Image sources: Mihoyo

Head north from the main part of Tsurumi Island, so you approach Shirikoro Peak from the south. You’ll see Stormstones to guide you into what looks like a cave. The perch will be sitting in the center, nearby a set of three Seelie bases.

The area below the perch will be flooded, and to drain the water, you’ll need to lead the Seelies back to their bases. All three Seelies are in the area, visible and unhidden. Lead them home for a chest and to drain the water.

Once the water is drained, interact with the perch to summon the three feathers, which will fly below the perch in the newly drained area. You can grab one of the feathers, but the other two will scamper off, going farther into the peak. Follow them.

Shirikoro Peak relay stone puzzle 1 solution

After following the feathers down, they’ll slide behind a door, locked by a cube mechanism nearby. To unlock the mechanism (and the door), you’ll need to complete the nearby relay stone puzzle.

There are four relay stones nearby to pick up and place.

Put the stones in the following locations:

Two relay stones continue an electric current in Genshin Impact
Two stones go between this corner and gateway
Image: Mihoyo via Polygon
Several relay stones connect an electric current
Two more stones go between these two pieces.
Image: Mihoyo via Polygon

Once the current runs across the room, the mechanism will unlock and you can open the door.

The second feather for the perch will be in the next room, but the third will continue to float away ...

Shirikoro Peak relay stone puzzle 2 solution

The second room has yet another relay stone puzzle, but it also has Seelies floating around and another pool of water to drain.

Two of the Seelies are floating around the room in plain sight, so chase them down until they get to their pedestal. The third Seelie will be floating behind a break-able pile of rocks in the corner of the room.

After the Seelies are all back home, they’ll unlock a cube mechanism by their stands. Activate it to drain the water and reveal the entire relay stone puzzle.

There’s three relay stones to place this time. Put them in the following locations:

A relay stone floats on a corner to connect an electric current
One connects the two relay stones along this corner. You may have to try to place it multiple times to get to reach both.
Image: Mihoyo via Polygon
Four more stones connect together to form a current.
Another relay stone connects three currents together in the opposite corner.
Image: Mihoyo via Polygon
A relay stone connects the puzzle on the wall
One relay stone needs to connect this left stone and the one on the wall.
Image: Mihoyo via Polygon

After you do this, you’ll complete the puzzle. A chest will spawn, and the door will open, allowing you to grab the last feather.

If this was your first perch in the quest, you’ll have two more to find, though neither of the other ones have puzzles.

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