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Bird statue and Peculiar Pinion — Genshin Impact guide

Use the Peculiar Pinion gadget on these

A bird statue with glowing purple parts Image: Mihoyo via Polygon

As you explore Tsurumi Island in Genshin Impact, you’ll see mysterious bird statues and wall fixtures. Our Genshin Impact guide walks you through how to interact with these statues, what they do, and what to look out for when exploring Tsurumi Island.

Similarly to the fox statues on Narukami Island, these bird statues require a gadget to interact with them. Players receive the Peculiar Pinion, a purple feather gadget, during the “Octave of the Maushiro” quest line, and it’s the key to interacting with each bird statue.

To get the Peculiar Pinion, you’ll need to complete “A Particularly Particular Author.” The next day (in real time, not game time), “Octave of the Maushiro” will become available.

Once you get the Peculiar Pinion, you can equip it as a gadget and use it whenever you’re near a bird statue. If it works, something should appear: symbols on stones, an Electrogana, or even a cube mechanism. If the bird statue is purely decorative, the game will tell you that there’s nothing for the pinion to interact with nearby.

A stone brick wall with a bird etched into it
Use the peculiar Pinion around these types of walls
Image: Mihoyo via Polygon

You can also use the Peculiar Pinion on walls that have birds etched on to them. You can find tons of these in the ruins under Shirikoro Peak. There’s often treasure and even Electroculus hidden behind these walls.

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