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Genshin Impact Souvenir Shop guide

Trying to find the Souvenir Shop in Genshin Impact? Check your major cities

Souvenir Shop in Monstadt Genshin Impact Image: Mihoyo via Polygon

In Genshin Impact, there are dozens of various currencies, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. While there are some materials needed for things like Ascension that you need to grind for, like Treasure Hoarder Insignias, there are plenty of materials you can just buy if you have the coin.

Each major city has a Souvenir Shop that allows you to spend Sigils in exchange for specific rare materials.

Where to find the Souvenir Shops in Mondstadt, Liyue, and Inazuma

When you hover over an item and select “details,” the game will tell you where you can find more of that item. Materials are often found around Teyvat or from defeating enemies, but some rare material like weapon billets or Traveler Ascension material come from Souvenir Shops. Each Souvenir Shop has a slightly different inventory, and you can only buy so much of each item.

The Souvenir Shop doesn’t take money, either. Instead, you’ll need Sigils.

Each shop is marked on the map with a diamond icon, but we marked the locations below.

Mondstadt Souvenir Shop location

Zhongli stands in front of the Souvenir Shop in Mondstadt Graphic: Julia Lee/Polygon | Image sources: Hoyoverse

Liyue Souvenir Shop location

Zhongli stands in front of the Liyue Souvenir Shop Graphic: Julia Lee/Polygon | Image sources: Hoyoverse

Inazuma Souvenir Shop location

Zhongli stands in front of the Inazuma Souvenir Shop Graphic: Julia Lee/Polygon | Image sources: Hoyoverse

Notably, the Inazuma Souvenir Shop does not open until you max out the Sacred Sakura Tree. Nearly all of your Electro Sigils will go toward upgrading the tree and getting tons of very worthwhile rewards from it. After you fully upgrade it, you can head over to the Inazuma Souvenir Shop, but it really only has some weapon enhancement material and furniture blueprints — nothing super interesting.

How to get Sigils

Anemo Sigil Genshin Impact
You can buy items with Anemo Sigils, Geo Sigils, and Electro Sigils
Image: Hoyoverse via Polygon

Sigils are easy to find, as you get them just from exploring the various regions. You’ll get each region’s respective Sigil by donating collectables to the Statues of the Seven, as well as just from opening chests.

Mondstadt awards Anemo Sigils, Liyue rewards Geo Sigils, and Inazuma rewards Electro Sigils. You do not need 100% completion in each region in order to buy out the shops — there are way more Sigils than there are things to buy with them.