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Ghost of Tsushima yellow bird guide

When you hear a tweet, pay attention

Jin riding a horse to the edge of a cliff in Ghost of Tsushima Image: Sucker Punch/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon

The design of Ghost of Tsushima takes a more naturalistic approach to guiding players. In your travels, you will hear and see yellow songbirds flying around Jin. They’re another natural element hoping to guide you towards points of interest.

Follow yellow songbirds

If you hear a bird call out while roaming around, take a moment to find them, then follow them wherever they may lead.

You can see the song bird glowing white as it leads me to a haiku location
Image: Sucker Punch/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon

If you hear but don’t see a bird, press down on your controller’s touchpad to activate Focused Hearing. The world will fade to grayscale, and any living thing moving and making noise will appear in color — white if they’re friendly, red if they’re enemies.

Either way, if you hear and can see a songbird, follow it.

Yellow birds don’t lead you to any specific locations. They just bring you to any point of interest close to where you are. We’ve had birds lead us to haiku locations, enemy camps, side missions, and other exploration locations and rewards.

If you hear a bird, even if you’re way to mission, it’s worth it to stop, follow them, and see what they have to show you.