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Ghost of Tsushima guide: Where to find vanity gear and cosmetics

From headbands to sword kits

Ghost of Tsushima’s main character Jin Sakai poses with armor and a sword Image: Sucker Punch/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon

Ghost of Tsushima offers plenty of ways to customize your combat style, from different sword stances to attire and skills for those looking to make a stealth build. Regardless of which style of fighting you choose, you can find plenty of vanity gear to accessorize your look.

Throughout the world of Ghost of Tsushima are several hidden cosmetics to find. While you could zigzag across the island looking for them all, there’s a much simpler approach that will help you find all the cosmetics the games has to offer. All you need is to unlock one special technique and a bit of patience.

Ghost of Tsushima vanity gear

Ghost of Tsushima offers a wide array of cosmetics throughout the game including:

  • Helmets, including headbands and hats
  • Armor, different armor sets and outfits
  • Masks, which are like hats for your face
  • Sword kits, which are stylish scabbards for your katana and kanto
Image: Sucker Punch/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon

Some of these cosmetics are rewards from quests. You will know if a quest is giving a cosmetic reward when you hover over a mission icon on your map. Other cosmetics are scattered across the island waiting to be found. So how do you find new cosmetics in Ghost of Tsushima? Simply follow the wind.

Using the Wind of Vanity

While Ghost of Tsushima is an open-world game, it purposefully lacks one of the major components of similar titles: a traditional navigation system. Tsushima’s contemporaries might have large icons that dot the game’s user interface with clear markers leading you to your next destination, you won’t find those here. Instead, once you’ve tracked a location or item, you must use the game’s visuals to guide you forward.

Once you’ve tracked something, you can swipe up on your controller’s touchpad and a gust of wind will flow in the direction of your marked target, kicking up debris, leaves, pollen, and other particles to clearly define your way forward.

This system is called the Guiding Wind, and you can use it to track anything from missions to undiscovered areas, and in this case, new vanity gear. To find new vanity gear, you must first unlock a specific skill: Wind of Vanity.

An info screen in Ghost of Tsushima explaining how to use the Wind of Vanity Image: Sucker Punch/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon

Using a Technique Point, you can unlock the Wind of Vanity in the Techniques > Samurai > Exploration menu.

When you activate the Wind of Vanity on the map screen, a short line will appear in the direction of the closest item, which can be anything from a haiku location that unlocks a headband to a sword kit hidden along the path. This vague navigation is different from tracking missions or locations, which get a direct line drawn between you and your selected locale.

To find the next piece of vanity gear in your vicinity, swipe up on the controller’s touchpad while the Wind of Vanity is active. When you do, a gust of wind will flow towards the closest piece of vanity gear. Once you find it, as long as Wind of Vanity is still active, the Guiding Wind will lead you to the next item automatically.