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Ghost of Tsushima guide: How to find haiku locations and headbands

Write a poem, get a headband

Ghost of Tsushima’s protagonist stands at a haiku location at a lake Image: Sucker Punch/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon

Among the many cosmetics you can find in Ghost of Tsushima, headbands are one of the most interesting and calming.

Getting new headbands, which only have a cosmetic benefit, requires a bit of exploration and creativity. Scattered around the island are several scenic locations to be found. You’ll know you’ve found a haiku location when you find a circular mat and some candles.

In this Ghost of Tsushima guide, we’ll show you how to find haiku locations so you can flex your poetry muscles and gain some special headgear at the same time.

How to find haiku locations

Each haiku location involves finding the secluded locale where a haiku setup has been placed.

The easiest way to find haiku locations is to spend a Technique Point to unlock the ability to track Vanity Gear with the Exploration technique Wind of Vanity. This new technique upgrades you Guiding Wind to allow you to track Vanity Gear across the map, including haiku locations.

An info screen in Ghost of Tsushima explaining how to use the Wind of Vanity Image: Sucker Punch/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon

Once you’ve unlocked the technique, you need to head to your map screen and press right on the D-pad. Doing so allows you to pick different tracking targets with the Guiding Wind.

Now that you have the Wind of Vanity ability, you can choose the it as a tracking target. With the ability active, the Guiding Wind will direct you to the closet piece of Vanity Gear. The Wind of Vanity will draw you toward any piece of Vanity Gear near you, not just haiku locations where you can get headbands. However, using this ability will eventually lead you to every haiku location across the map.

Image: Sucker Punch/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon

How to get headbands

Once you’ve found a haiku location in a secluded area, press R2 to compose a haiku. From there you’ll be prompted to reflect on a certain aspect — such as serenity, death, honor, and so on. As you ponder that idea, you’ll take in the scenery and will be given three prompts to write the first line of your haiku. After that first selection, you’ll decide on the poem’s second line and naturally after that, the third, completing your haiku.

Choosing the first line of my haiku with a focus on serenity
Image: Sucker Punch/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon

Upon completing your poem, you’ll unlock a new headband in the Gear > Outfit > Helmet Options. Each headband comes with a different design reminiscent of the theme of the haiku you’ve created. The flavor text for each headband will also feature the haiku you wrote. The accessory’s design is not influenced by how you construct your poem.

Headbands don’t offer any benefits. Instead, they’re a cosmetic reflection of a concept with a design to match. Each is emblematic of feeling that Jin is processing, and wearing one might make you feel the same.