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God of War guide: Every Odin’s raven location

Find all 51 ravens

Jeffrey Parkin (he/him) has been writing video game guides for Polygon for almost seven years. He has learned to love just about every genre of game that exists.

In God of War, the Eyes of Odin are always upon you. Odin’s ravens — those flappy green bastards — are everywhere and in (almost) every realm. Some of them are gated behind main story progress, so finding (and murdering) all 51 of them takes a long time.

They’re also really, really easy to miss, so this guide is here to help you keep track of or find every single one of them.

We’re going to break this into two phases — early game and late game — and organize them by realm and region. For our purposes, the late game starts with the main story chapter, “The Sickness.”

We’re going to do our best to avoid spoiling any story revelations in the list of ravens below, but we can only promise that for the first 11.

Table of contents

Midgard and Alfheim (11 ravens)

These 11 Odin’s ravens are along the main story path.

Exploring the Lake of Nine (28 ravens)

The next 28 Odin’s ravens are around the Lake of Nine, the Shores of Nine, and in regions connecting to the lake. Starting here, images necessarily contain spoilers.

Helheim (6 ravens)

To find every Odin’s raven in Helheim, you’ll need at least two trips. The links below reflect both of them.

Wildwoods (1 raven)

You’ll need the Magic Chisel to access a Hidden Chamber.

Valkyries Odin’s ravens (5 ravens)

Five more Odin’s ravens are hiding within Valkyries’ Hidden Chambers.

Early game (11 ravens)

We’re going to present these a little out of order. We’ll focus on the ravens you’ll come across while following the main story first, then deal with the rest the ones you can find around the Lake of Nine.

Midgard River Pass (4 ravens)

There are six ravens in the River Pass. You can get four of them on your first time through.

  • The first is in the area where you fight your first Heavy Draugr. There are two fire-throwing Draugr that pop up on a cliff behind you. The raven is right above them. (You can also get this one a little later — you’ll walk right past it after you escape the Reaver trap.)
  • The next raven is after the sand bowl puzzle that opens the large round door. Head into the tunnel and go most of the way through — until just before you exit into the arena where you fight (or fought) the troll, Brenna Daudi. There’s a brightly lit, rubble-strewn tunnel up to the surface that you can’t walk down. The raven is hopping around on the edge.
  • The next is in the arena where you fight the troll. There’s a rib right in the middle of the arena and the raven is perched on top. The easiest way to spot this one is to stand next to the Nornir chest and look back across the arena.
  • Shortly after the fight with Brenna Daudi, you’ll come to a burned village. There’s a raven on the front of the house on your right as soon as you arrive.

Midgard The Foothills (1 raven)

There’s only one raven to find in the Foothills region.

  • After you make your way to the Foothills and are rebuffed by the Black Breath, you’ll walk back to the top of the Sky Mover. Before you climb on board, look above you and to the left for the raven.

Alfheim — The Light Elf Shores (1 raven)

There’s only one raven to find on your first visit to Alfheim.

SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon
  • This raven is over at the Light Elf Shores in the northwest of the Lake of Light. From the dock, turn left and head over to the temple area (where you’ll eventually close a Realm Tear). Out on the balcony, turn left and look at the light statue pedestal to find the raven.

Midgard — The Mountain (3 ravens)

There are three ravens to find in the Mountain on your first pass.

  • Inside the Mountain, after the throne room, you’ll come to a bridge where you fight (or fought) a Revenant and some Nightmares. There’s a hole in the bridge on the left side. Run to the far side, then look at the beams below the bridge to find the first raven.
  • Shortly after that, you’ll meet Brok at one of his franchise locations. Across from his shop, there’s a chasm with a raven circling.
  • Much later, you’ll have to retrieve a cart to use as a makeshift elevator. In the room where you find the cart, on the catwalk, you’ll spot the raven in an alcove at the back of the room.

Midgard — River Pass during “A New Destination” (1 raven)

You can get one more of the River Pass’ six ravens during the main story chapter “A New Destination.”

SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon
  • After you climb up the well and out of the Witch’s Cave, you’ll end up in her front yard. To the left, there’s a chain to climb. On the ledge, follow the path and you’ll see a raven on your left.

Midgard — Thamur’s Corpse (1 raven)

There is one raven to get as soon as you arrive in the Thamur’s Corpse region.

  • Standing at the dock when arrive at Thamur’s Corpse, turn to the left. Look along the top of the cliffs for this raven.
SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon

Early to mid-game — Exploring the Lake of Nine (28 ravens)

The next 28 ravens can be found near the Lake of Nine — in the loosely defined area called the Shores of Nine — or in regions that connect to the lake.

Lookout Tower (1 raven)

  • From the Lookout Tower dock, look high above you facing west-northwest — toward the statue of Thor. You’ll see the raven circling. Climb as high as you can to make your throw easier. You can get this raven during the High Water Phase on your first visit, but it’ll be easier if you save it for the Low Water Phase when you can climb even higher.

Cliffs of the Raven (1 raven)

  • During the Low Water Phase, a lot more of the Cliffs of the Raven becomes exposed. While you can’t solve the Nornir Chest here until late in the game, you can still find this raven. Smash the planks on the wall to the northeast in the highest part of the Cliffs. Boost Atreus through the hole and have him kick down the chain. While you’re up there opening the Legendary Chest, the raven is right in front of you.

Volunder Mines (1 raven)

You’ll eventually come to the Volunder Mines as part of the “Second Hand Soul” favor for Brok, but you can get to the dock — and this region’s one raven — earlier than that.

SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon
  • As soon as you dock, look above you to spot the raven circling above you. You’ll have to lead the raven quite a bit to land your shot.

Buri’s Storeroom (1 raven)

SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon
  • Buri’s Storeroom is uncovered during the Low Water Phase. While on the back side (northeast) of the island, turn and face north to find this raven circling a pillar of stone.

Stone Falls (1 raven)

  • You can get this raven during the High Water Phase — we’d suggest grabbing it on your way to complete Hammer Fall and exploring Veithurgard. After talking to the spirit, face the waterfall to the west — back across the bridge. You’ll spot this raven on top of the cliffs.

Veithurgard (3 ravens)

There are three ravens in the hidden region of Veithurgard.

  • The first is circling the statue of Thor that you knock down as part of Hammer Fall.
  • The second is behind some planks directly in front of the altar imprisoning Otr.
  • The third is behind some rocks to the left of the main doors into the dwarven king’s castle.

Council of Valkyries/Mason’s Channel (1 raven)

SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon

According to your map, there’s one raven in the Council of Valkyries region and none in the Mason’s Channel. This is a little misleading. This raven is sitting on top of the right oarsman statue’s boat’s figurehead. You can get a good angle on it from the bridge over to the Council of Valkyries or from the beach to the northwest of Alfheim Tower.

Northri Stronghold (2 ravens)

A little while after you complete the first half of Sindri’s favor in Fafnir’s Storeroom (where there also are some ravens, below), he’ll send you to the Nothri Stronghold. There are two ravens there.

  • The first is directly across from Sindri’s shop.
  • The second is directly in front of the boat where you retrieve the whetstone from the Reaver. From the bow of the ship, look at the grate a little to the right.

Forgotten Caverns (2 ravens)

When you visit the Forgotten Caverns during the High Water Phase, you’ll only be able to get a Nornir Chest and one of the two ravens.

  • The raven is sitting on top of the pole holding the Nornir chest’s bells to the left of the beach.
  • The second raven can only be accessed during the Low Water Phase. From the Forgotten Caverns, paddle east, then north around to the back side of the Svartalfheim Tower where you’ll find a cave to paddle into (this is the way to King’s Hollow and Konunsgard during “Hail to the King”). Ditch the canoe at the beach on your left, then climb to the top of the wall. You’ll climb right past the second raven. From the top of the wall, look down for an easy angle on the raven.

Konunsgard (5 ravens)

You’ll come to Konunsgard as part of the “Hail to the King” favor once Brok and Sindri are reunited. This is also where you’ll be able to complete “The Fire of Reginn” favor to free one of the three dragons that are part of the “Free Dragons” labor (and part of earning the “Dangerous Skies” trophy).

  • After you meet Sindri in Konunsgard, continue along the path to the left to find a coffin with a Hel-walker inside. You’ll see a raven on the cliffs directly behind the coffin.
  • A little later, while you’re working on retrieving the keys for the dwarven king’s door, you’ll fight an ogre (and various other enemies) near a pile of rocks that look a bit like Stonehenge. You’ll loop around and end up on top of the arch right after that. This raven is on the cliffs to the southeast.
  • The third raven is hiding in a stone alcove directly ahead of the altar keeping Reginn imprisoned.
  • To retrieve another of the dwarven king’s keys, you’ll have to unlock a rune door. On the other side, you’ll (eventually) knock down a bridge. Halfway across the bridge, the next raven will be on the right.
  • The final raven is inside the dwarven king’s castle. Just through the doors, turn to the right and head over to the Jotnur shrine. Turn left at the shrine and go to the end of the hall to find a coffin. The raven is up above the coffin at the end of the tunnel — it’s really hard to spot against the backlight from outside.

Fafnir’s Storeroom (5 ravens)

  • You can find the first raven as soon as you beach your canoe at the other end of Fafnir’s Ravine and arrive at Fafnir’s Storeroom. Turn to the right and look at the very end of the crane to spot the raven.
  • Just a little further along, you’ll meet Sindri at a franchise location. Face his shop, then turn a little to the left. There’s a raven circling above you.
  • After Sindri’s shop, you’ll come to a wooded area. As the area opens up, the third raven will be on your left just before the first ledge you climb up.
  • A bit deeper into the region, you’ll have to clear some Draugr out of a larger wooded area. At the back, there’s a Nornir Chest on the right side. On the left is the main entrance to the Storeroom. You won’t be able to actually enter there, but there’s a raven above the door.
  • Once you finally get inside, the fifth and final raven is circling the main room.

Isle of Death (1 raven)

SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon
  • When you come (back to) the Isle of Death during the Low Water Phase, the raven is just to the left of the beach where you land. You can’t get close to it, but you can spot it through the gap in the rocks.

Iron Cove (1 raven)

SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon
  • Getting to the raven in the Iron Cove region takes a bit of work and patience. You’ll have to wait for the Low Level Phase, then go to the Isle of Death. From the Isle of Death, zip line over to the Iron Cove and climb onto the shipwreck at the very top. Look west-northwest to find the raven circling an outcropping of rock. It’s a long throw that will take a few tries, but this is the only place where you can make the shot.

Niflheim Tower (1 raven)

  • From the top of Niflheim tower, turn right and face the bow of the shipwreck to the south. This raven is hanging out right at the very front of the (broken) deck.

Landsuther Mines (2 ravens)

You’ll visit the Landsuther Mines to complete the “Deus Ex Malachite” favor for Brok.

  • Check in with Brok at his shop — it’s a little ways away from the beach and you’ll have to do some climbing and ledge-walking to get there. Turn around from his shop and look at the wooden scaffolding behind you to spot the raven at the top.
  • Much later in the Favor, you’ll fight some Dark Elves as you climb up and out of the mine. Right before you claim Andvari’s Hammer, you’ll fight a Dark Elf Lord (and some other Dark Elves) on a wide wooden platform. This raven is perched on a nearby rock wall. (Look past the pile of wooden crates to find it.)

Late game — Helheim (6 ravens)

To collect every item, you’ll have to make (at least) two trips to Helheim. You’ll take the first one during the story chapter “The Sickness.” The second time, you’ll have to come here outside of the main story and bring Atreus along.

Helheim during “The Sickness” (3 ravens)

You can collect three ravens on your first trip to Helheim.

  • The first is shortly after you arrive. As you make your way along (this version of) Tyr’s Bridge, look for a ring above you roughly where the Serpent’s Horn would be. There’s a raven perched just above you.
  • As you continue along, you’ll have to take a detour to the left to work your way past a locked door. As you continue around to the right, you’ll drop into to a Hel-walker-filled arena. On the far side, you’ll be on a cliff overlooking a chasm. The second raven is circling down in that chasm.
  • To get out of that same arena, you’ll have to burn away some Hel-bramble and knock loose a pillar. This raven is to your left when you’re burning away the bramble.

Return to Helheim with Atreus (3 ravens)

When you return to Helheim with the boy in tow on the worst field trip ever, you can get the final three ravens in this realm.

  • Head straight along the bridge until you come to the first of the two overpasses. Climb on top, turn right, and have the boy blow up the sap wall. There’s a raven above the coffin on the other side.
  • Back on the main bridge, continue along to the second overpass. Climb up, turn left this time, and have the boy blow up this sap wall, too. This one leads to a Hidden Chamber and (eventually) a Valkyrie. The next raven is just behind the sap wall on your right.
  • In that same Hidden Chamber, take the elevator down. When the elevator stops at the bottom, the raven is ahead of you near the ceiling — against the wall between this room and the Valkyrie’s arena.

Late game — Wildwoods (1 raven)

After you get the Magic Chisel as part of the aptly named “The Magic Chisel” main story chapter, you’ll get access to the Hidden Chambers. Head back to Kratos’ house in the Wildwoods and head to the backyard. There’s some Hel-bramble you can burn away here that will let you up and backtrack your way to the Hidden Chamber. There’s no Valkyrie here, but there is a raven (and a really tough Realm Tear encounter).

Valkyries Odin’s ravens (5 ravens)

Somewhere in most of those Hidden Chambers are five more ravens (after the one Atreus helps you get to in Helheim) — most of the Valkyries have a raven somewhere nearby.

  • Eir (The Mountain): Turn left as soon as you enter the arena. There’s an Odin’s raven perched above you.
  • Geirdriful (Foothills): Before jumping over the gap to enter the arena, turn around and look up. The Odin’s raven is perched above the stairs.
  • Gunnr (Thamur’s Corpse): As soon as you enter the arena, look up and to the right. The Odin’s raven is perched on a tree branch.
  • Kara (River Pass): As soon as you enter the arena, look right. The Odin’s raven is perched in an alcove in the wall.
  • Olrun (Alfheim): As soon as you enter the arena, turn left and look up. The Odin’s raven is perched on a small branch just above the arena’s wall.

Editor’s note: Depending on how you think about (and categorize) it, you can find two Odin’s ravens in the Valkyrie Rota’s chamber in Helheim. We covered and counted both in the Helheim section above, but we might as well do it here, too, since you could totally think of them as Valkyrie ravens.

So: As you break the sap wall to access the Hidden Chamber, you’ll see a raven on your right. Take the elevator down. When it stops at the bottom, the raven is ahead of you near the ceiling — against the wall between this room and the Valkyrie’s arena.

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