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God of War Trophies guide

How to get every trophy

SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon

In this guide, we’ve listed all God of War Trophies alongside links to the guides that will help you earn them. We’ve broken them down into a few categories to make them easier to digest.

Any list of Trophies necessarily contains spoilers. We’ll do what we can to avoid giving surprises away, but you should still browse the list below carefully.

Campaign Trophies

You’ll earn the following Trophies by playing through God of War’s campaign — the Journeys, as the game calls each chapter.

Artifacts, Favors, Labors and other Trophies

You’ll earn the Trophies below for collecting items and completing side quests.

Upgrade Trophies

You’ll earn these Trophies for upgrading Kratos and Atreus. There’s not much to say about most of them, because they’re things you’ll just do naturally when playing God of War.

  • Nice Moves. Obtain a Runic Attack Gem.
  • Dwarven Ingenuity. Upgrade a piece of armor.
  • Best Dressed. Craft an outfit for Atreus.
  • Enchanted. Slot an Enchantment into your armor.
  • The Best Moves. Fully upgrade a Runic Attack.
  • Idunn’s Orchard. Fully upgrade your Health.
  • Quick Tempered. Fully upgrade your rage.
  • Worthy. Fully upgrade the Leviathan Axe.
  • Why Fight It? Fully upgrade the Blades of Chaos.
  • Primordial. Obtain Ancient armor set.

You’ll find Ancients — those giant creatures made out of rock — scattered throughout God of War, and many of them will be optional encounters. Choose to fight and defeat them, and you’ll accumulate the items to create this armor set, which includes the Pauldron of the Ancients, the Gauntlet of the Ancients and the Belt of the Ancients. Browse the gallery above for the details on the items you need, including Ancient’s Hearts, Ancient’s Rubble and a lot of hacksilver.

  • Path of the Zealot. Obtain Traveler Armor set.

Collection Trophies

These are Trophies you earn by doing a number of things — finding ravens, killing enemies, earning Trophies, that kind of thing.

  • Allfather Blinded. Kill all of Odin’s ravens. (Check out our God of War Odin’s ravens guide for the locations of all 51.)
  • All Will Fail. Kill 1,000 enemies.
  • Father and Son. Obtain all other Trophies.
  • Treasure Hunter. Use treasure maps to find all of the dig spots. (Check out our God of War treasure map guides to find every one of them.)
  • The Truth. Read all of the Jotnar shrines. (Check out our More than Myth guide for the location of every Jotnar shrine.)

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