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God of War guide: The River pass walkthrough and collectibles

The Path to the Mountain

SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment

The River Pass is the second area you’ll explore in God of War. In this guide, we’ll take you through the area and the story mission, picking up everything you can — chests, hacksilver, artifacts and more — along the way.

Path to the Mountain

After your fight with the Stranger, there’s nothing special to collect until you follow the path to the main story for a bit. There’s nothing to pick up until you’re inside the cave and spot your first puzzle.

Before you solve the puzzle with the wheel and bridge, sweep the room for hacksilver on the floor. And don’t forget to watch for offering pots hanging above you.

Get Atreus up top to kick down the chain for you. Once he does, climb up and turn left. Hop across the platforms to the chest. Now you can return to the main path.

Climb up and out of the cave to enter a new area — Wildwood’s End. After the fight with the draugr, sweep the area for hacksilver and offering pots. There’s nothing overly exciting here, though.

Bridge puzzles

Continue along until you reach the marker where Atreus reads “Jotnar settlement ahead.” Keep to the right to find a legendary chest with the Hel’s Touch light runic attack inside. There’s also an Odin’s raven to kill in the area. (You can see the precise location in the fourth image in the gallery above.)

You’ll have another big fight with some draugr. Continue along the path until you get back inside a cave — heading toward the creepy sound. As soon as you enter the cave, smash through the planks on your left to find some hacksilver.

After you handle the revenant, continue along until you come to a gap. Jump to the wall, then climb down and to the right — you’ll end up in a crevasse below where you just fought the revenant. There’s a very tough, level 3 draugr here, so be prepared for a fight. (Try to keep your distance and use ranged attacks for as much of the fight as you can, then dodge out of the way to land some melee attacks from behind before running away again.) Once that’s handled, open the coffin for some soft Svartalfheim steel — a crafting resource.

Head back to the wall you climbed down and climb all the way up. Turn right to find some more soft Svartalfheim steel in a coffin.

Head back the other way and jump across the gap. Keep to the left. Clear out the fire-tossing draugr, then look around for loot.

There’s a scroll on the ground right where you come in.

On your right, climb up to find a chest and a stone that cycles through health, rage and XP.

Drop back down and continue around to the left to find the second More than a Myth shrine.

Nornir chest 1

Retrace your steps back to the gap, then turn to the left. You’ll see another Nornir chest ahead of you. The first seal is to the right of the chest. The second is high on a cliff on your right — it’s to the left of a chain. The third is on the other side of the bridge. Go back to the gap and look across - you can get it from here with a well-aimed overhand throw. (This is also where you knock down both sides of the bridge.) Opening the chest will get you another Idunn apple.

Reaver fight

Cross the bridge you lowered, then fight the various revenant and draugr waiting for you. Cross the next bridge as well. On the other side, follow the cliff’s edge to the right to find a coffin.

Enter the next area and fight the reavers, Hel-walker and Atreus’ mopiness. There’s nothing to pick up in here, so just keep moving through.

After you escape, cross the ledge, then take the chain down. Follow the path to the end to find Faces of Magic artifact 1.

Climb back up the chain and turn right to find a coffin.


Now, you’ll meet Brok. He’ll upgrade your axe and you’ll have to fight a few more draugr. Once they’re handled, don’t worry about buying a bunch of new stuff just yet — there’s a few things right here that will get you more money and resources.

Go to the right of Brok’s shop and follow the path. Drop off the ledge to find Faces of Magic artifact 2.

Cross back in front of Brok’s shop and knock down the bridge. Drop down to find a chest.

Take the chain next to that chest down to find another coffin — this is where you destroyed the second Nornir seal earlier. If you continue past the coffin, you’ll open up a shortcut back to an earlier area.

Now you can return to Brok and spend all your money and resources — don’t forget to sell all of your artifacts for some extra cash.

Spiked ceiling

Continue along the main path. You’ll come to two spiked doors you have to push open with axe throws. After you’re past the second one, push it open again to reveal a hidden room and a coffin with some more soft Svartalfheim steel. (If you needed this for an upgrade, feel free to backtrack to Brok’s shop — for us, this let us buy Atreus some new armor.)

The next area you’ll come to is a puzzle with spiked ceiling. Fight the draugr, then smash the planks on your left for a chest. You’ll also see a Nornir chest above you, but don’t worry about that yet — just get to the other side of the puzzle.

Nornir chest 2

Once you’re safe, recall your axe. Turn around and climb on top of the spiked ceiling — you’re now on the same level as the Nornir chest. The first seal is above your head — look above and to the left of the broken wall. The second is through the broken wall on your left. (Follow that tunnel to find a chest.) The third is tricky. Face the Nornir chest, then turn left. Use the windmill there to raise the ceiling higher, then look at the catwalk in front of you. The third seal is on that catwalk. Open chest for your first Horn of Blood Mead.

Sand bowl puzzle and troll fight arena

Head back to main path, and you’ll find Faces of Magic artifact 3 at your feet.After another touching moment, follow the cliff’s edge to find Faces of Magic artifact 4.

The next area you’ll come to is a sand bowl puzzle. Enter through the round door, and at the end of the hallway, you’ll see a lighted opening. There’a an Odin’s raven sitting on a ledge.

Take the first left in the tunnel and climb up onto the ledge to find Faces of Magic artifact 5.

Head back to the main path and just keep following along until you come to a big arena and a troll.

After you defeat the troll, there are a few things to do in this arena. We’ll go counterclockwise from where you entered.

Take the first right and climb up to find a chest.

At the second right, go past the waterfall for some loose hacksilver.

The third right is the exit, so skip it for now.

Look at the center of the arena. You’ll see one of Odin’s ravens on one top of the ribs.

Nornir chest 3

At the far end of the arena is another Nornir chest. To open this one, you’ll need to ring three bells before the first one stops ringing. There’s one each to the left and right of the chest and the third is far behind you. Stand near the middle of the arena where you can see all three bells and start throwing your axe. Inside, you’ll find your third (if you’ve been following our guides) Idunn apple and get a nice health boost.

Lore marker

Continuing counterclockwise, there’re some planks to break on the other side of the waterfall — left side of arena. Throw your axe to break them and have the boy climb up and drop the chain for you. Climb up and have the boy read the lore marker on the left.

Now you can move on.

Burned village and the Witch of the Woods

After Atreus’ botched shot on boar, you’ll drop into a burned-out village. There’s a chest directly under platform you were just standing on. There’s also an Odin’s raven sitting on the roof of a house.

Smash the door of the first and third houses for some hacksilver.

Go behind the fourth house to find Faces of Magic artifact 6.

There’s some hacksilver in the house that Hel-walker bursts out of.

There’s nothing else to pick up until after your interactions with the witch, so just play until you’re leaving the Witch of the Wood’s house.

The Witch’s Cave

Fight the nightmares, then go to the left for some hacksilver.

Continue along that tunnel and drop down. Watch for a draugr on your left. Grab the pallet full of rocks and move it toward the water. You’ll have to reposition yourself, but you can push it all the way into the river. Jump on top of it and across to the next platform to find Faces of Magic artifact 7.

Backtrack to where you grabbed the pallet, then look in the back corner behind the wooden wall to find a coffin with more soft Svartalfheim steel.

There are several other interesting things you’ll see around here, but you won’t be able to interact with them until later in your game.

Head back to main path — where you fought the nightmares. Jump across the pillars to continue along toward your goal. You’ll come right to a legendary chest with a Talisman of Concentrated Vitality inside.

Continue along to the Lake of Nine.

During “A New Destination”

It’s impossible to get back to the River Pass area until you progress the main story quite a bit. You’ll be back here, though, during “A New Destination.” The first part of this step in your journey takes place down in the Witch’s Cave, but you’ll eventually climb up and out of a well.

Items in this area: artifact (Faces of Magic), buried treasure (The Turtle’s Tribute), Odin’s raven, Legendary chest (Storm of the Elks runic summons)

Climb up the well. Have the boy read the runes on your way past to pick up another lore marker. At the top, turn left and run around behind the well to find a light crystal. Carry it back around front and place it next to the lore marker to read some more.

Head down the ramp at your right to get down to Chaurli and the Witch’s house. Grab the Faces of Magic artifact along the way.

After you fight off a bunch of draugr, face the front door. A little to the right, look around the rocks to find The Turtle’s Tribute buried treasure. (Check out our guide for The Turtle’s Tribute Treasure map to find the loot.) You’ll get an oblivion stone crafting resource, a Stone of Frost Mastery enchantment, some hacksilver and some soft Svartalfheim steel.

Turn around and look for another lore marker written on a rock face next to a chain. Have the boy read it, then climb up. At the top, turn right and handle the draugr. On your left, look for an outcropping of rock with an Odin’s raven at the tip. At the end of this ridge, look down over the Witch’s yard. There are a few runes scattered around that you can have Atreus read. This is a clue for a sand bowl you’ll solve in a second.

Drop back down the chain. Look across the yard to make sure you got the runes written on the wall below the lore marker you read when you first came out of the well.

Turn toward Chaurli the turtle and run around to the left. The boy will run up to the sand bowl and solve it. It will reveal a Legendary chest with the Storm of the Elks runic summon for Atreus.

SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon

In this section, we’ll show you the location of the remaining two ravens. There’s also a Nornir chest, a Mystic Gateway and a Valkyrie.

Outside the witch’s house

Warp to the Witch’s Lower Cave Level Mystic Gateway, and take the elevator up. In a room on your right, you’ll find a wall to climb up. At the top, you’ll be outside of the witch’s house.

Walk down the hill and climb up the chain in the distance. To your left, you’ll see a Nornir chest locked with runes.

Turn around and walk along the left edge of the area. On your left, you’ll find the final Faces of Magic artifact and complete the set. (It’s super hard to see, so don’t be surprised if it takes you some time to find it.)

Turn around, and you’ll see two devices. The upper one has runes on it. The lower one doesn’t. You’ll also find an Odin’s raven raven sitting on a ledge there.

Climb back down the chain, and turn right at the bottom. On the right side of the structure your raised to solve the sand puzzle earlier, you’ll see some Winds of Hel Energy. Retrieve it with your Blades of Chaos and run to the other side of the same structure. Put the Winds in the ball at the top. (It’s at the top on the opposite side, closer to the cliff.)

Climb back up the chain, and go to the edge of the cliff. Retrieve the Winds from where you just put it, turn around and place the Winds in the pedestal that doesn’t have runes on it. Now take it out of there, and run to the chest, placing the winds on the pedestal behind it. It’ll light up, showing you the runes you need to show.

Go back to where you first put the flame before you brought it to the chest, and throw your axe at the higher contraption. The idea is to get all three kinds of runic Bs, one for each of the symbols on the chest.

Return to the Nornir chest, and open it for the Symbol of Heart, a Legendary enchantment with boosts to Strength and Defense.

Valkyrie Kara fight

Warp to the Witch’s Lower Cave Level Mystic Gateway, and open the Hidden Chamber there.

Take the elevator down, and you’ll find a new Mystic Gateway. Loot the red coffin at the top of the stairs for a Polished Crest of Perseverance, a Rare enchantment that boosts Defense and has a high perk activation chance to grant a health burst on any successful parry.

SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon

Hop over the gap, but before fighting the Valkyrie, take the stairs down. Punch the wooden chests for hacksilver. Head back up, and enter the arena. Turn to your right and look up to find the final Odin’s raven.

Approach Kyra and begin the fight. She’s not the most powerful Valkyrie you’ll face, but calls reinforcements, which can be a pain.

Here are a few things to do in this fight:

  • Go into the fight with lots of Spartan Rage. These are bosses. Bring your most powerful attacks with you, both to unleash damage and to regain some health in Spartan Rage mode.
  • As with all Valkyries, Kara is weak at the beginning, when she’s descending from her winged cocoon. Use this opportunity to chain together as many runic attacks as you can. You’ll put a big dent in her health bar at the beginning.
  • You can block Kara’s ranged attacks and her winged attacks on the ground, so raise your shield.
  • If you’re going to fight weaker enemies, look for opportunities to knock or kick them off ledges. This allows you to clear the battlefield quickly. Mostly you don’t have to worry much about them, though.
  • Have Atreus fire on weaker enemies to stun then and drain their health. The less time you have to deal with them, the better. Kara should be your main focus.
  • Whenever she swoops to attack, strafe and dodge to avoid it.
  • You can parry several of her attacks, after which she's vulnerable to your attacks for a few seconds.