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God of War guide: Foothills and Mountain’s Base walkthrough and collectibles

Through the Vanaheim Tower to the Lake of Nine

In God of War, after your first visit to the Lake of Nine, it’s time to take Faye’s ashes to the top of the mountain. To get there, you’ll have to physically (not magically) pass through the Vanaheim Tower.

To the Foothills

There are a few reavers between you and the tower. Once they’re handled, grab the two chests on either side of doors.

Inside, there are more reavers to deal with. Turn to the left and smash the debris blocking the door. Jump the step to find a More than a Myth shrine.

Head back across the main room and start working your way past the scorn poles. Eventually, you’ll drop down. Freeze this scorn pole to the left of the wooden tower (the way you climb out) to open the legendary chest — a piece of the Muspelheim cipher is inside.

There’s a lore marker here as well, but you can’t interact with it yet.

Climb up and exit this area. Go through the doors to meet Sindri.

The Foothills

Head a little up the hill opposite Sindri’s shop to trigger enemies. Once they’re cleared, head back toward the door.

Facing the doors, look for a scorn pole in the rocks to the left. Freeze it, then loop around the rocks to open a coffin for the Arcane Waist Guard.

After you open that coffin, take the first path you come to on your right. Follow the path around to the right to find your next Nornir chest. These runes are on spinning poles that you just need to match to the runes (and the runes’ directions) on the chest:

  • The first pole is to the left and behind the chest.
  • The second pole is back down the hill about halfway to the coffin you just opened.
  • Continue toward that coffin and look for the fallen log. The pole is in the poison fog created by the scorn pole. Freeze the scorn pole, line up your shot, recall and re-throw your axe, then freeze the scorn pole again to see what you did. Repeat as necessary.

You’ll get a Horn of Blood Mead when you unlock the chest.

If this is an early-game visit to this region, you can ignore the area behind the Sky Mover. There’s just a pair of coffins you can’t open yet. (Feel free to explore for some loose hacksilver, though.)

Head back to the main path and up the hill following your goal HUD marker. When you come to the crack to climb up and out of this area, continue past and to the left to find a chest overlooking the area with Sindri’s shop.

On top of the cliff, you’ll have more scorn poles to deal with. After the first one, take the first left. You’ll have to freeze a couple different poles to get all the way in, but you’ll find a coffin containing the Arcane Bracers.

Head back to the main path and continue along. When you come to a branch in the path — this is where we finally fought the revenant you’ve been chasing through this canyon — stick to the right. Follow the tunnel all the way to the end to find a hidden chamber. You can’t get in yet, but it’s good to know where it is for later in your game.

Head back to the scorn pole and take the tunnel on your the left this time. You’ll come to a big arena that looks like the perfect place for a boss fight. Clear out the wolves and the reaver, but try to ignore the fire pots — those will come in handy in case there’s a boss fight here.

Before you approach the doors, stick to the left side of the arena. You’ll be able to see a pair of scorn poles and a legendary chest. Use the fire pots to blow up the rocks blocking your path. There’s another fire pot next to the scorn pole on the left. Freeze the remaining scorn pole to finally be able to open the legendary chest. Inside, you’ll get the Charge of the White Bear light runic attack.

Heading back toward the main arena, there’s also a coffin that you revealed. Open it for the Arcane Shoulder Wraps (which will complete the Arcane set of armor).

Now you just have to walk through those big doors that almost certainly don’t have a giant monster behind them.

Mountain’s Base

The next area you visit is the Mountain’s Base. On your first visit, there are no chests or collectibles you can get at — it’s all locked behind some late-game brambles. There is, however, an Odin’s Raven to pick off.

When you come out of the doors, turn to the left and follow the path around to the other end of the Sky Mover. Face it, then look above you and to the left. The raven is hopping around on the cliff.

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