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God of War guide: The Mountain walkthrough and collectibles

Inside the Mountain

Jeffrey Parkin (he/him) has been writing video game guides for Polygon for almost seven years. He has learned to love just about every genre of game that exists.

In this God of War guide, we’ll walk you through your return to Midgard from Alfheim when you’re free to explore again. You can wander the Lake of Nine if you’d like, but your main goal is to head up the mountain. (Obvious not-really-spoiler: while it seems like this is going to be the end of the game, things don’t go exactly as planned and you’ve got a ton of game left.)

Tyr’s Bridge to the Mountain

Use Tyr’s Bridge to cross over to the Vanaheim tower. If you haven’t gotten the two wooden chests on either side of the door yet, do so this time. Go through the doors. There are three light crystals on the walls above you. Have the boy shoot them with his new arrows to discover a realm tear. Inside are two level six revenants. There’s no way to beat them yet (one of them can kill you with one hit), so you can ignore the tear for now — just remember it’s here.

Continue through the tunnel on the right the same way you did last time you were here. When you drop down into the gap, turn around to find a light crystal on the ground behind you. Carry it over and drop it into the socket next to the lore marker. Have the boy shoot it and read.

Continue along to Sindri’s shop. This time, you can take the Sky Mover up to just before the Black Breath without having to take the long way around. Continue up toward the Black Breath and through it. After the first patch of Breath, you’ll see a chest you can’t open yet on your right. Hop the gap on your left and climb up the cliff.

There’s another patch of Breath at the top. If you picked up the Don’t Blink treasure map in Fafnir’s Storeroom, turn away from the doors and head back to the cliff. Turn to the left and follow the cliff’s edge to find the treasure. You’ll get some valuable crafting resources and an Eye of Fury legendary enchantment. If you didn’t get that map yet, you’ll just have to come back here later.

Inside the Mountain

Go through the doors to get inside the mountain. The first room you come to will be a throne room for a deer-headed god. You can’t do anything until you place a second crystal here, so turn left and head into the tunnel there. Fight off the draugr first. The rest of this tunnel is blocked by a sap wall that you can’t get past yet, so turn around. Watch above you as you retrace your steps. Right before you get back to the throne room, there will be a light crystal on a rickety scaffold above you. Knock it down with your axe, then carry it back to the main room. Socket it, light up both crystals, then pull the lever to solve the sand bowl puzzle.

This will reveal a door on your right. Head inside and follow the tunnel. Have the boy light the crystal torches as you go to help you see. When you get into the next open room, turn left. Smash the crates in your way and climb the stairs. At the top, you’ll find a coffin holding the Scaled Bracers of Focus.

Head back down to the main path. You’ll have to handle a revenant that summons nightmares (fun!). When you get to the other end of the bridge, turn around and look down through the missing section to find an Odin’s Raven sitting on the strut underneath.

Continue forward, then climb up the ledge on your left. Clear out the draugr on this level, then turn around to your right. Look back down toward where you just climbed up and you’ll see a light crystal. Have the boy create a light bridge for you, then drop back down the ledge you climbed up. Turn to the left, smash the cart blocking your path, then cross the light bridge to find a coffin with some solid Svartalfheim steel. Climb the ledge again follow the edge of the area around to the left. You’ll see another light crystal behind some planks. Have the boy create a light bridge, then run up.

There’s a Nornir chest at the top. Have Atreus light the crystal torch on the right, and you’ll see the runes written (in blood!?) on the wall behind the chest. Head back down the light bridge. The first dial-pillar is on your left. Spin it until the R-shaped one is showing. Follow the path back to that first ledge, then look high on the cliffs to your left. Spin that dial to show the B-like rune. Drop off the ledge and make sure the dial there is showing the not-quite-N rune. Loop back to the chest to retrieve a Horn of Blood Mead.

Head down the light bridge again, then turn to the left. There’s (yet) another light crystal on the ground behind the rock there. Pick it up and carry it up toward the Nornir chest. Turn to the left and carry it across the wooden bridge. Handle the draugr, then use the crystal to activate the lore marker for the boy to read.

There’s one more thing to grab in this room before you move on. Take the zip line down from the lore marker to the beginning of the room. Take the right path this time and smash through the planks on your right. Smash everything in the room to find Bottoms Up artifact 1.

Now you can (finally) head for the exit. Head for the low tunnel at north end. You’ll come out behind the deer god statue.

The other side of the statue

Now that you’re on the other side of the throne room, read the back of the statue for your next lore marker. Next, run down to the front of the statue for a wooden chest. Finally smash through the planks behind the statue and have the boy light the crystal torch. There’s another lore marker — a scroll this time — on the ground and a color-changing rock.

Head back to the statue and turn right to go through the big doors. To your left is that sap wall you still can’t get through. There’s also a crystal-activated lore marker here, but you don’t have a way to get a crystal here (see: sap wall). Just remember they’re here.

Turn to the right instead and head along the tunnel. You’ll have to deal with several draugrs along the way. You’ll come to a dimly-lit room with some marked rocks you can climb to your next step. Before you climb them, turn to your right to face the wooden wall. There’s an offering pot you can knock down hanging right in front of it. When you pick up the hacksilver, you’ll be standing right in front of a tunnel. Go through the tunnel and turn left for a coffin holding an enchantment and some crafting resources.

Head back out and start climbing. You’ll pass another lore marker as you climb. At the end of your climb, turn right to kick down a chain — this will drop right at the base of the wooden wall (and tunnel) from just a moment ago.

Turn to the left and head for the big door. Watch on your left as you run along the ramp. There’s a crate you can smash that will reveal a chain. Kick it down, then drop down along it for a wooden chest.

Continue along the ramp to the top. Throw the switch and head into the Heart of the Mountain.

Heart of the Mountain

There’s a lot going on in the next room you come to. Before going to where you need to, turn left and start a long loop around the room to clear it of loot before you leave.

The first thing you’ll see is another sap wall. You still can’t get through, so just remember it’s here. Not too much further along, there are some smashable planks with a wooden chest behind them. Continue around the room to the back side of the broken cart to find a lore marker — graffiti. Turn left from the graffiti to find another hidden chamber.

Follow the wall to the right from the hidden chamber door. You’ll come to some crates blocking a narrow gap. Smash them and squeeze inside for a coffin. You’ll get more solid Svartalfheim steel when you open it.

Back in the main room, go back to where you entered. Run up the ramp on your right and step up to the wheel on your left. After Atreas is done “helping,” some draugr will pour out of a new tunnel ahead of you. Handle them, then head down their tunnel.

When you come to the open area on the other side of the tunnel, keep walking forward. There’s a little point of rock sticking out over the canyon. Stand here and look up. There’s another of Odin’s ravens circling above you.

When you turn around, you’ll be facing another of Brok’s shops. Don’t visit yet, though — you’re about to grab some cash and a few more resources that will figure into what you buy here. Instead, turn to the right and climb onto the wooden platform.

Turn left and look for a crate blocking a tunnel. Smash the crate and crawl inside. Follow the tunnel around to the right. There’s a wooden chest and a color-changing stone. Turn to the right from that ledge and into another tunnel. Go down the ramp to find a coffin and some more solid Svartalfheim steel. Now you can backtrack and talk to Brok.

When you’re done, follow the path to the right of Brok’s shop along the edge of the cliff. Jump the gap, then look at the spike-lined tunnel on your left. There’s a spinning panel-thing on the right. Hit that with your axe to move the spikes out of the way. Make your way through the tunnel slowly, but consistently, and you won’t have a problem.

After the tunnel, recall your axe and use it to knock spiked door out of your way. There are some draugr to deal with on the other side. When they’re dead, run up to the dead beast of burden’s head. There’s some loose loot just laying on the ground.

While you’re running around, take the time to knock down all three bridges above you. You’ll be crossing them in just a minute.

Find the large cart and start pushing. Once you free it, push it along until you expose a spiked door on your right. Let go of the cart, and knock the door open to find Bottoms Up artifact 2.

Push the cart the rest of the way along the track until it stops. Climb up onto the cart, then onto the level above it. The path to the next area is right ahead of you, but there are a few more things to grab before we go there.

Turn right and cross the first bridge. Turn to the left, then look for a hole in the floor. Drop down inside and open the coffin there for some more steel. Open the gate and retrace your steps back up to the second level.

There are a few draugr to fight after the second bridge. Once they’re out of the way, kick down the chain next to the bridge — don’t go down yet, this is just a convenient shortcut. Look to the north across the room. There’s an Odin’s raven sitting (smugly) in a tunnel.

Cross the third wooden bridge heading west. Handle some another draugr, then climb the ledges on your left. Open the coffin at the top for the Scaled Waist Guard of Focus. There’s also a color-changing rock up here with you. Drop off the ledge to the left of the coffin to get back to the starting point of your loop around the room.

Smash the planks and head into the tunnel on your right. Duck under the rock, and you’ll find yourself back in the first room. Turn to the left to open a gate back to the second level of the previous room. Next, turn to the right and pull the chain to open the large gate that will let you push the cart through. Turn right one more time to kick down another shortcut chain and drop down to the ground.

Go through the large gate and follow the tracks to your cart. Push it along until it lines up with a gap on your left. Climb back on top and hop the gap. Run along the platform you land on to find a legendary chest with the Falcons’ Dive runic summon for Atreus inside.

Continue past the chest to find the huge rock that’s keeping the crane from working. Push it off the platform and drop back down to the ground. You won’t quite get to leave yet, though.

The troll Jarn Fotr will climb up out of the crack in the floor. Watch out for his stomp that will send a line of frost at you. If you’re quick, you can hit his leg with an axe throw to interrupt that attack. After you’re done with him, there are a few explode-y draugr to handle as well, because of course there are.

Pick up all the loot your various enemies have dropped. Importantly, Jarn Fotr will drop a frozen flame that will let you upgrade your axe. Once you’ve collected everything, head into the tunnel next to the broken cart — the one the draugr came out of the first time you were here. That tunnel leads you straight to Brok’s shop. Upgrade your axe and anything else you can afford, then come back to this room.

Push your cart all the way to the end of the tracks. Head over to the wheel, lower the claw all the way down, then freeze the gears right next to the wheel. Climb onto the cart and recall your axe to start ascending.

After the first lift

When you arrive at the next level of the Mountain interior, climb off your makeshift elevator and watch a touching cutscene. Head up the ramp and past the fire traps. There’s not a lot to these puzzles — just stay out of the fire and kill the draugr that pop up as quickly as possible. Use whatever cover you can find to catch your breath.

You’ll eventually come to a wheel that will let you lower the spinning fire pillar and open the coffin on top. This one has the Plated Pauldrons of Focus which complete the cooldown-focused set of armor.

SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon

Head back past the wheel and continue along the wooden walkway. Shove both of the rocks off the platform to ride your next elevator.

There’s a lot of fighting on the ride up, but nothing to pick up. Just focus on tossing or knocking draugr over the edge of the platform.

There’s actually nothing more to pick up until after you’ve faced Hraezlyr. We’ll catch back up with you after you’ve defeated him(?) and talked to Sindri.

After Hraezlyr

Talk to Sindri and buy or upgrade anything you can. (It hasn’t been very long at all since you’ve been to a shop, so there probably isn’t much to do.) Turn toward the sap wall to the left of his shop. Have the boy fire an electric arrow into the crystal.

Once the tunnel is open, head inside. At the end of the tunnel, turn right. There’s a legendary chest all wrapped up in World Tree roots. Have the boy shoot the crystal to free it, then open it for the Tyr’s Revenge light runic attack.

Head back out the main tunnel and climb the wooden structure. At the top, you’ll have to deal with a nightmare and a Hel-walker. After they’re cleaned up, turn around and backtrack along the right side of the bridge. Jump the gap at the end to find a wooden chest.

Jump back across to the bridge and run all the way to the wall at the end. Turn to the right and have Atreus shoot the crystal in the wooden structure — that will free a basket you can use to continue along. Before you head back to the wheel, though, check behind the basket for Bottoms Up artifact 3.

Now you can use the wheel to raise the basket to the top. Have the boy shoot the crystal on the side to knock down some rocks. Climb these to move on to the next area.

Follow the tunnel you climb up to along until you’re attacked by Hel-walkers. After they’ve been dealt with, look into the room on the right for a color-changing stone.

Back in the tunnel, climb up the ledge and continue along a little bit. You’ll pass by a sap wall on your left, but it doesn’t have a crystal to shoot — yet. Keep going until you come to an open room with a few Hel-walkers. Handle them, then look to the right side of this balcony for a shock crystal dispensing root. Grab a crystal and backtrack to that sap wall. Toss the crystal and have the boy shoot it. On the other side of the sap wall, you’ll find a More than a Myth shrine.

Nornir chest

The next thing we’re going to do is open the Nornir chest that the Hel-walkers were worshiping.

The first seal is in the room with the shrine. Turn right from the shrine and look up. Head back to the balcony and grab another crystal. Toss it up at the ceiling above you and have the boy shoot it. Grab another and toss it across the gap at the bridge. Shoot this one and the bridge will fall.

Run up the bridge and handle the enemies there. Use the wheel on the left to lift the bridge. Freeze the gears, then run up to the next balcony. There’s a color-changing rock and a coffin on your left with a surprise inside. The second seal is on the railing on the right side.

Back at the bottom of the bridge, turn to the right. You’ll see the third seal across the gap. Now you can head back to the chest and get your Idunn apple.

Grab one more crystal and carry it up the ramp (last time, we promise). At the top, turn right and toss the crystal into the sap wall. There’s a lore marker behind it for the boy.

The Summit

Climb up and out of this area. At the top of your climb, your destination will be in sight. This will almost certainly go exactly as planned.

Fight all the Hel-walkers that pop up along the snowy ridge. At the end of the ridge, there’ll be a door blocked by Hel-bramble. Turn left here and follow the path. Turn left again to find Bottoms Up artifact 4.

Head back up to the blocked door and start climbing. That’s the last pick up for this visit to the Mountain, so just focus on the conversations, cutscenes and your new best friend.

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