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God of War guide: The Magic Chisel walkthrough and collectibles

The Mason’s Channel and Thamur’s Corpse

Jeffrey Parkin (he/him) has been writing video game guides for Polygon for almost seven years. He has learned to love just about every genre of game that exists.

God of War’s “The Magic Chisel” Journey follows the events of “A New Destination,” and Kratos and company have to retrieve a magic chisel from the aforementioned new destination. Mimir will guide you, but it’s a short trip. This also marks the beginning of the Low Water phase in the Lake of Nine, so there’s some new stuff to explore. Feel free to wander a little bit and pick up some loot and XP.

Table of contents

The Mason’s Channel

Items in this area: favor (Anatomy of Hope)

From Tyr’s Bridge, head (heh, Mimir joke) north-northeast toward the huge statues of the oarsmen guarding a canyon. Follow the Mason’s Channel until you come to a closed gate on your left. Continue past to find a beach — this is where you can pick up the “Anatomy of Hope” Favor.

Spin the wheel to open the gate. This will trigger a level three ogre and some dark elves to spawn. Take them out, clean up all the loot they dropped, and hop back in your canoe.

Northern Dock

Items in this area: Mystic Gateway, Odin’s Raven, hidden chamber, coffin (solid Svartalfheim steel), Mystic Gateway, coffin (Runic Wyrmskin Pauldrons), coffin (Plated Runeweaver Bracers), wooden chest, wooden chest, Realm Tear, coffin (Mark of the Ranger)

Paddle along the narrow tunnel until you hit a boat dock. There are no turns to worry about, so just paddle, listen to Mimir and hit every Aegir Gold barrel you see.

At the dock, there’s a Mystic Gateway on your left. More pressing, though, are the pair of twaiting for you — one level 2 and one level 3. Handle them, then sweep the beach for any loose things to pick up.

When you’re done return to the dock next to the Mystic Gateway and face away from your canoe. Turn a little to the left and scan the tops of the cliffs for one of Odin’s Ravens.

Follow the left side of the beach to find a hidden chamber door.

Now you can turn your attention to that giant ring — specifically the jewel. Have the boy shoot it to knock it free. Walk up and swing it to the right first. Have the boy shoot it again to blast open a cave with a coffin inside where you can grab some solid Svartalfheim steel.

Rotate the ring all the way to the left and have the boy shoot the gem again. This will blast open a tunnel for you to follow.

Drop into the room on the other side of the tunnel. There’s a Mystic Gateway ahead of you, but that’s all there is in this room. Climb up the ledge on your left and follow that hallway around to the second floor of this area. Turn left at the top and follow the floor around to the right. Run past the chain to find another coffin. This one has the Runic Wyrmskin Pauldrons inside.

Back up to the chain and climb up. This will bring you to a frozen lake.

There’s lots to pick up here, but, once again, there’s a pair of Wulvers waiting that you have to deal with first. And then there’s an Ice Ancient and some nightmares because why not?

Once everything is dealt with, start back at the cave you just climbed out of. There’s a coffin directly ahead of you with the Plated Runeweaver Bracers. Stick to the right side of the lake for some loose hacksilver and wooden chest.

Turn right at the wooden chest and look at the hill above you. There’s a light crystal trapped in some sap and a spinning panel. You can’t do anything with either of them yet, but you’ll be back here momentarily.

After the wooden chest, you’ll have to head left toward the middle of the lake a little, but continue along the right side as best you can. You’ll pass by a shatter crystal root and you’ll be able to see a light crystal socket.

Grab a shatter crystal from the root and head back to where you saw the light crystal in the sap a second ago. Toss the crystal and have the boy shoot it to knock the light crystal free.

While you’re here, have the boy read the runes on the wall.

Pick up the light crystal and carry it back to the socket to open a realm tear. There’s no fight for this one, so just collect your Dust of Realms.

Don’t follow the bloody path yet. Instead, we’re going to cut back across the lake to the left bank. Before you cross, grab some more sap from the root. Then cross straight back to the opposite shore. There’s a wooden chest on your left and a rubble-and-sap wall in front of you. Toss your crystal and have the boy shoot it to free the rune spinner.

The rune door you’re trying to open is just to the left. Run over to check out the runes, then come back here to lock in the first (read: easiest to get to) rune.

The second rune is to the left of the door. There’s only one paddle on the spinner, though, so you’ll have to keep repositioning to spin it.

The third rune is attached to that spinning panel to the right of where you picked up the light crystal earlier. Turn around from the rune door and cross the lake. Throw your axe at the spinning panel, recall it and quickly aim at the rune spinner. If you can hit the right side to make it spin counterclockwise, it should only take one try.

After the rune door opens, crawl through the tunnel and open the coffin for a Mark of the Ranger legendary enchantment.

Now you can move to the next area. Follow the blood under the ice toward the giant’s head — you can’t miss it.

Head of Thamur

Items in this area: wooden chest, Legendary chest (Blessings of the Frost heavy runic attack), wooden chest, wooden chest

Once you’re in the next area, you’ve got a big fight ahead of you. There are a handful of draugr and a pair of ogres to take care of. As always, when the ogres show up, focus on the weaker one until you can mount it, then use it beat up everything else.

After the fight, sweep the area for anything to pick up, then climb the chain to go talk to Sindri. He’ll upgrade your axe and you can spend a few minutes outfitting yourself and the boy before moving on.

When you’re done, turn to the right and follow the dead giant’s beard braids (hurk) over the wall. Keep walking to the right until you can see a bead just on the other side of the wall. Hit one of the discs with your axe to set the bead spinning, then immediately have the boy shoot an arrow to try to hit the gem that spins past. (This will probably take a few tries.) Once you blow up the wall, run back to the left and jump the gap.

Follow the path to the right. Climb up the ledge, then watch for a wooden chest at the next turn. Keep following the path across another gap and up a couple of steps until you come to some large doors.

On the other side, you’ll be facing a level four Traveler. This one has a giant shield on his back, so you can’t get any extra damage that way. If you have any Spartan Rage built up, now is a great time to use it. Beyond that, just pay careful attention to the ring that appears around the Traveler’s attacks — when it’s yellow, parry and get some extra attacks in; when it’s red, roll for your life. For added fun, a couple of fire-throwing draugr will show up in the windows high on the walls around the room during your fight.

After everything is dead, sweep the room for pickups, then look for a moveable rock behind where you first spotted the Traveler.

Back it up just a little — hit the thumbstick enough to get Kratos moving and then let it go. It will stop just inside the room. Run around to the right side and climb on top. Look toward the top of the huge wooden sword for discs you can hit with your axe. Your goal is to jump from the top of the stone to the sword, climb up to the hilt, then make your way to the right where you can drop to the platform.

Follow the ledge around and open the Legendary chest you find there for the Blessings of the Frost heavy runic attack.

Drop back into the room where you fought the Traveler. Grab the stone again and back it up as far as you can. Climb on top once again and jump to gap to your left for a wooden chest.

Hop back down and go through the doorway you just unblocked. Turn to the left and jump the gaps. When you’re hanging off the first ledge, climb left and then down. You’ll find a small alcove with a wooden chest. Climb back out and around the tower to the right.

The Hammer

Items in this area: coffin (solid Svartalfheim steel)

When you find the crystal hanging off of the handle of the giant’s hammer, walk up and grab it. Kratos will give it a shove, then you can have Atreus shoot it to start breaking the ice. You’ll have to do this twice to get the hammer to start to fall.

Once the strap falls free, have the boy shoot it a third time to break an ice wall and open a path to a coffin. You’ll find some solid Svartalfheim steel inside.

There’s nothing to pick up for a minute, so just keep climbing until you knock the hammer free a little bit more and land in front of some doors.

Riding the platform

Items in this area: coffin (Runeweaver War Belt)

As soon as you go through the doors, open the coffin on your left for the Runeweaver War Belt (which completes the Runic set you’ve been collecting in this area).

In the next room, break the planks on the right side to open a tunnel for the boy. Once he interacts with the sand bowl, some spinners will appear beneath the four wall panels. Throw your axe to spin them so that they show the seasons in reverse order. From right to left, they should show winter (snowflake), spring (flower), summer (sun) and autumn (the diamond-shaped leaf). Have the boy interact with the sand bowl again to start the next phase.

There’s nothing to collect for a while, so you just need to focus on fighting. Your ride to the top of this tower is going to involve a few timed fights, so brace yourself.

The first wave is some level 2 and 3 draugr. Throughout this gauntlet, try not to worry about killing each one and focus more on knocking them off the platform — that kills any enemy way faster than you can with your axe. Every time you clear a wave and the boy gets back to writing, run around and pick up all the loot drops.

The second wave is more level 3 draugr.

The third wave adds some nightmares and a revenant.

The platform will stop just short of the top. Take out the two fire-throwing draugr by having Atreus shoot both of the crystals. This will also knock free some ice and expose a wall you can climb.

The Hammer Head

Items in this area: coffin (solid Svartalfheim steel)

When you reach the top of the tower, all you have to do is climb around the wall on your right and give the hammer a godly shove. Everything goes according to plan.

Crawl out of your tunnel and jump the gap to the ledges lining the wall.

When you make the first turn, you’ll see a coffin below you. Keep climbing to the left past it, then climb down. At the bottom of the ledges — about even with the coffin’s alcove — you’ll be able to climb to the right and open it for some more solid Svartalfheim steel.

Climb back onto the ledges and keep making your way generally leftward.

You’ll drop into a wood-floored area with some inactive draugrs. There’s nothing to pick up here, so just stick to the right to find some more ledges to climb.

At the top, follow the path around to the left. Watch on your left for a ledge and some hacksilver. Go through the next set of doors and into the next structure.

Dining Hall

Items in this area: coffin (solid Svartalfheim steel)

When you first enter the Dining Hall, there’s another hidden chamber door on your left. Turn to the right and look for the chandelier stuck in the ice. Have the boy shoot it to free it. Have the boy shoot it a couple more times until the crystal falls out.

Grab a chunk of the crystal and toss it at the rightmost ice wall. Have the boy shoot it to break the wall. This will release a level 3 ogre and a pair of nightmares. Handle them, then clean up all their loot drops.

Toss another crystal at the middle ice wall. This one will release the Stonebeard King, a troll. There are two things to watch out for during this fight: the King’s ice wave stomp attack and the level three and four Woluvers that come to help him out. If you’re really quick (and better at fighting than we are), you can interrupt this attack by hitting his glowing leg — but it’s usually safer to just roll out of the way.

Clean up the drops again and break open the third (left) ice wall. A few level two and three Wulvers will pop out. This is your last fight here, thankfully.

Before you climb up through the wulver’s wall, head back to the crystal one more time. Grab a chunk and turn to the right. Use the crystal to free the coffin above you on the right — we’ll go open it in just a second.

Climb up through the wulver’s wall and follow the hallway around to the right until you come to Sindri. Before you talk to him, walk past him and through the door. Take an immediate right and hop the pillar to find the coffin you just freed. Open it for some more solid Svartalfheim steel.

Now you can go back to Sindri and upgrade anything and everything you can — don’t hold back here. You’ve got a big fight coming up. While you’re managing inventory, make sure your enchantments are up-to-date with the strongest and best socketed into the armor you’re currently wearing.

Head through the door to the left of Sindri’s shop and follow the path to the left. Hop the gap to the ledge, then follow it along to the right. At the end, you’ll be able to see the chisel. Walk toward it and act surprised when someone gets in your way (you didn’t think it’d be that easy did you?)

Magni and Modi boss fight

There’s not a lot of subtlety to this fight — you’re taking on two sons of a god, after all. Hit hard, hit often and don’t hold back anything. Use your runic attacks and talisman abilities. Use Atreus’ runic summons every time you can. Parry everything you can (check out our God of War combat guide and the GIF below for a quick tutorial on parrying) and get the hell out of the way of everything else.

The best way to deal with Magni and Modi is to focus on one at a time. Once you drain the health of one of them, they’ll take a knee and will stay out of the fight for a little bit. That makes the fight a lot easier to handle.

Between the three phases of the fight, run around and look for any healing stones that have gotten knocked free. Don’t collect what you don’t need at the moment, though — there’s a lot of them, but it’s still a finite number, and you don’t want to run out.

After the fight (spoiler: Kratos wins), pick up the wonderful prizes the godlings dropped — a piece of Leiptr alloy and a Frozen Flame. Then you can go hack off a piece of the chisel.

The next level of puzzles.

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