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God of War guide: Escape from Helheim walkthrough and collectibles

But it is who you have become of late.

SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon

God of War’s “Escape fromHelheim” Journey begins after Kratos and Atreus’ plan to visit Jotunheim doesn’t go as expected during “Return to the Summit.” You’ll find yourself back in Helheim. Leaving is a lot more complicated this time.

SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon

Find a way out of Helheim

After your “conversation” with Atreus, climb the pillar to your left, which will bring you to Helheim Landing. At the top, you’ll fight a Hel-reaver guard. Double-tap L1 to break through his shield, and remember to use your Blades of Chaos against these icy enemies.

Opening the gate

Items in this area: wooden chest, Traveler drops (Traveler’s Grizzly Trophy, Chaos FlameTraveler’s Armor Shard)

Light the bramble to clear a path, walk out and around and punch the wooden chest open for some hacksilver. Lift the gate next to the chest, walk through, turn right and cross the bridge. Jump across the part that collapses, and fight the various Hel-Walkers, including a new horror called a Hel-Shadow Scout, who uses ice magic. There are also Ice Nightmares. Use Atreus to defeat them first from a distance.

Open the gate, watch the cutscene, and grab onto the wall to climb down.

SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon

Clear away the bramble surrounding the Winds of Hel on your right, and use your weapon to ignite the left Wind Trap on the locked door. Throw your axe at the gear between them to freeze it in place, and then take the Winds from the left and throw it into the right trap.

Open the door, and fight the Hel-traveler. You can’t block most of his attacks, so roll out of the way. If you have any Spartan energy, use it. It’s incredibly effective. Defeat him for a Traveler’s Grizzly Trophy, a Chaos Flame (to upgrade your Blades of Chaos), a Traveler’s Armor Shard and a lot of hacksilver.

Hidden Coffin

Before you leave this area, head back to where you picked up the Winds. There’s a place you can climb down just to the left of the pillar. Climb down and to the right until you find a path under the bridge. Open the coffin you find there for some Hardened Svartalfheim Steel and a Symbol of Resilience.

Handle the Hel-walker that pops up behind you and climb back up to Atreus.

The coffin and climbing down

Items in this area: coffin (Hardened Svartalfheim Steel)

Clear the bramble opposite the gate, and walk onto the balcony. See the stuff in the distance? That’s your next objective.

Open the gate, turn right and clear more bramble. Fight the enemy who appears, and push the block in front of you until it’s nearly over the edge. Backtrack to the balcony and jump from there to the block to collect the multicolored crystal. Jump across from there to open the coffin for some Hardened Svartalfheim Steel. As soon as you collect it, another Hel-walker will appear on the balcony. Use Atreus to defeat it or just throw your axe.

SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon

Head the only way you haven’t gone, jump the gap, listen to Baldur’s conversation with his mom, and climb down.

SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon

Walk all the way to the end of the platform, and climb down. Destroy the weapon racks blocking access to the low hole in the wall behind them. Crawl through to open a coffin for one Hardened Svartalfheim Steel.

Make your way down to the next level, where you’ll square off against several enemies. Use Atreus to defeat the Ice Nightmares first. Then concentrate on the weaker enemies. Fight the mace-wielding Hel-vikens last, one at a time. For winning, you’ll receive hacksilver and a Symbol of Survival.

You have two options at the intersection ahead: right to the boat and left to treasure. Let’s go left first.

Left to treasure

Items in this area: wooden chest, Nornir Chest

Push the block, jump over the gap, turn right and burn away the Hel bramble blocking access to the block. Pull it back as far as you can, climb up and onto the surrounding structure. Smash the wooden chest up there for some hacksilver.

Here’s how to find and destroy the three ruin seals:

  • While standing next to the wooden chest, turn to your right, and throw your axe at the rune seal (R) on a pillar in the distance.
  • Hop back down, turn left and enter the doorway on your left. Turn left on the balcony, and throw your axe at the Rune Seal (C) in the distance.
  • Leave the balcony and push the block back toward the doorway you just left. Leave enough space to walk through the door, then turn around and throw your axe at the Rune Seal (N) inside of the block.

Open the chest for a Horn of Blood Mead, which increases your maximum Rage. If you’ve gotten the rest, this is the final one, and you’ll earn the Quick Tempered trophy.

To the ship

Go back the way you came, toward the ship. A weak enemy and two Ice Nightmares will appear. As always, use Atreus to take down the Nightmares first. The other dude won’t present much of a challenge. Lift the stone to clear a path ahead.

Objective: Use the ship

Items in this area: coffin (Stone of Fire Supremacy)

SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon

Clear away the bramble on the deck to create two bonfires, and then walk to the wheel to raise the sails. When you get stuck on an iceberg, walk to the other end of the ship and use your axe to chop the wood and release the sails. Return to the wheel, and pull it to move the sails again. When you get stuck again, exit on the starboard (right) side.

SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon

Head directly to the coffin in the distance, where you’ll find the Stone of Fire Supremacy, a Legendary enhancement that increases all Burn damage inflicted by 25 percent.

The elevator and two chests

Items in this area: wooden chest, coffin (Icarus Storm light runic attack), drops (Sturdy Sign of Fortune, Symbol of Fortune)

Head back the way you came, and walk through the doorway on your left. This is an Helheim elevator. Throw your axe at the orange wood, retrieve it, and repeat the process twice more. When it won’t turn anymore, freeze the gear above it.

Exit at the top, and retrieve your axe. When the elevator gets back to the bottom, take the path to the wooden chest for some hacksilver.

Walk out on the ledge closest to the ship, and turn around facing the elevator shaft. Grab the wall to the left, and climb back down. Repeat the process of getting the elevator up, freezing it at the top and climbing back down. Yellow bars block your entrance to the raised elevator, but run around to the left of the shaft, and you can get through there. At the end of your path, open the coffin for Icarus Storm, a light spinning runic attack that hits all enemies along its path.

Walk back as if you were returning to the ship, but turn the wheel to the right of the bridge. That will dislodge the ship, and you’ll have to fight two Hel-Revenants. Have Atreus shoot them with arrows and unleash your most powerful attacks, which had plenty of time to recharge as you were getting the chests.

For your efforts, you’ll receive hacksilver, a Sturdy Sign of Fortune (a Legendary Enchantment with boosts to Luck and Cooldown and a very low perk activation change to grand a gift of Defense when damage is taken) and a Symbol of Fortune (a Rare Enchantment that grants three Luck and four Cooldown).

Ride the elevator up one more time, and cross the rock bridge to your ship.

Objective: Escape Helheim

Items in this area: drops (Symbol of Cunning, Hardened Svartalfheim Steel, Symbol of Survival)

SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon

Back on the ship, you’ll hear some voices and discover a new area: Skies of Helheim. Now it’s time to fight.

Pay attention to the sides of the ship. You can knock enemies off as they climb aboard. Aside from fighting them, you’ll also need to relight your fires, which the bad guys want to extinguish. Late in the fight, a harpoon will tear a hole in your ship. Approach it, and hit the Circle button to remove it. When the baddies are dead, you’ll receive hacksilver and a Symbol of Cunning, an enchantment that boosts Runic.

Now you’re in for a repeat of the last fight, only more difficult. After defeating several weaker enemies (and reigniting the fires they put out), you’re up against a Hel-Revenant, the witch-like creates that Atreus has to hit with an arrow before you can hit them. You’ll also have to dislodge three harpoons this time. For your trouble, you’ll receive hacksilver and health.

Now it’s time to do it all over again, but with even harder enemies. Win, and you’ll receive one Hardened Svartalfheim Steel and a Symbol of Survival (buffs to Defense and Vitality). After the fight’s over, dislodge the two new harpoons in an interesting way. Watch the cutscene that follows, and you’ll receive the Past Haunts trophy for riding the ship out of Helheim.

Secret Chamber of Odin

Items in this area: coffin (Eye of the Outer Realm)

SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon

Back on solid ground, you’ll be in a Secret Chamber of Odin. Before you enter there, turn around and enter the other doors on the opposite side of the room. Inside, open a coffin for Eye of the Outer Realm, an Epic Enchantment that grants bonuses (7) to all stats, and pick up a lore scroll (The Missing Tower) on the ground.

Go through the other doors and, in the second room, you’ll find the missing panel from a lore board you found earlier. Tuns out, you have a way into Jotunheim.

With that, you’ll complete “Escape from Helheim” and start the Journey “A Path to Jotunheim.”