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God of War guide: A Path to Jotunheim walkthrough and collectibles

Yeah, price of uh … reforging something what broke.

SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon

God of War’s “A Path to Jotunheim” Journey starts simply and becomes complicated not long after. In this walkthrough, we’ll take you through the quest, helping you solve every puzzle, defeat every enemy and find every chest and item along the way.

SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon

Table of contents

Objective: Realm travel back to Midgard

SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon

The elevator that takes you out of the Secret Chamber of Odin at the end of “Escape from Helheim” will deposit you in the Travel Room. Head over and use the Bifrost to travel back to Midgard.

Objective: Show Tyr’s key plans to Brok

SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon

Exit the Travel Room and go talk to Brok at his shop in the Temple. He’ll forge Tyr’s Key while you watch the cutscene that follows.

Before you leave, make sure you upgrade your Blades of Chaos with that Chaos Flame you picked up in Helheim. This unlocks three new skills:

  • Chaotic Rampage (3,000 XP): Switch stances by pausing momentarily after any Blades of Chaos attack. Once in a new stance, Press R1 to preform a flurry of close-range attacks.
  • Engulfing Spear (3,000 XP): The Spear of Chaos attack creates a minor fire explosion on contact, inflicting Burn damage.
  • Elemental Overcharge (4,500 XP): While aiming, hold R2 to charge the Blades of Chaos even further and release a powerful Elemental Slash, inflicting massive Burn damage in a wide area.

Objective: Locate Tyr’s Mysterious Door

Head outside and take the stairs down to the lowest level of the bridge — down by the boat docks. Turn and follow the path around the temple part (the round part) until you come to the door with Tyr’s mysterious runes. Use your shiny new key to open it.

Objective: Explore Tyr’s hidden chamber

Climb the stairs ahead of you when you walk in and have the boy shoot the blue crystal with a light arrow. Cross the light bridge that appears to access the Realm Travel Room — kind of.

Turn right in the (upside down) Realm Travel Room. Keep walking for a long time until Atreus stops. Interact with him (press Square), then go through the small door that opens to the right of the large, upside-down door. Follow the tapestry-lined hallway, and take the first left to find The Hall of Tyr.

Run forward between the statues and check out the rune on the door. After Kratos tries the only logical solution to the upside down doorway, head back to the middle of the room.

Objective: Break the Chains

Have the boy read the runes on the statues’ chest for the answer to the sand bowl puzzle. Once he’s done, use the switch to ride the elevator down.

Turn around when the elevator lands to find a More than a Myth shrine.

The chains you’re trying to break are at the ends of the tunnels to your right and left. You can go whichever way you want first, but you’ll have to do them both eventually. We’re going to call them right and left when you’re facing toward the open side of the room — away from the shrine.

Right chain

Items in this area: coffin (Bracers of the World Serpent, Hardened Svartalfheim Steel), Legendary Chest (Niflheim Cipher), drops (Traveler’s Armor Shard, Traveler’s Grizzly Trophy), drop (Symbol of Resilience)

Open the door on your right. Throw your axe at the first spiky panel when it’s up. When you see the one in the middle raise, recall your axe. Run through the hallway when the first and third start moving up.

In the next room, open the coffin on your right for the Bracers of the World Serpent, Legendary wrist armor favoring Runic (23) and with bonuses to Strength (10) and Defense (32). You’ll also receive one hardened Svartalfheim steel.

Grab a chunk of crystalized red sap from the root in the alcove to the right of the next hallway. Throw it at the floor where the first ceiling panel hits, then have the boy shoot it with a shock arrow. That will destroy the floor, allowing you to walk on top of the closest piston trap. When the piston raises, run and roll down across the other two and into the next room.

Open the Legendary chest for a Niflheim Cipher Piece, which is part of “The Realm of Fog” quest, and a bit of XP. Have Atreus read the runes on the wall, then run to the left side of the room to break the first chain.

Now it’s time for a fight with a Hel-Traveler and a Traveler Champion. To complicate things, there’s a rotating pillar that rises from the center of the floor and shoots beams of fire. Keep your shield raised (to protect against their powerful attacks and the fire from the platform), and keep both enemies in front of you (so that one can’t hit you from behind). Switch between your weapons, using combinations of L1 + R1/R2 Runic attacks for each weapon as they regenerate.

Defeat them both, and you’ll receive some XP, hacksilver, Traveler’s Armor Shard +4, Traveler’s Grizzly Trophy +15, another Traveler’s Armor Shard +4, and Traveler’s Grizzly Trophy +12.

Backtrack to the previous room. Use Atreus or axe throws to deal with the enemies waiting for you down the hall and making navigating the ceiling spikes difficult. Use the freeze trick from the first room to offset the spiked pistons if you have to.

When you arrive in the next room, you’ll face two more waves of several enemies each. Use Atreus to pick away at their health. Keep your shield up to protect from the enemies and the pillar spewing fire, and use that fire against your enemies. They’re not smart enough to avoid them, so let the fire do its work destroying their health and the barriers they create. You’ll get health and XP for defeating everyone, as well as a legendary Symbol of Resilience enchantment, which grants bonuses to Vitality and Luck.

Run back down the first hallway to the main room.

Left chain

Items in this area: Legendary Chest (Symbol of Tenacity), drops (Hardened Svartalfheim Steel, Symbol of Shadows)

Open the door on your left to find your next puzzle. The way to get past this puzzle is to line up all the blades (there’s a little wiggle room, so it doesn’t have to be perfect) so that they’re all rotating together.

Throw your axe at the gear in the center of the first blade and freeze it. Call it back when the second blade is opposite from the first.

Now, throw it at the second blade and freeze it until it lines up behind the first. Repeat this process for as many of the blades as you can. It’ll get difficult after a few, so just do the best you can until you think you have enough room to sprint past.

There’s some health on the floor of the next room, but ignore it unless you need it. (Spoiler: there’s a fight here later, where it could be more useful.)

Grab the Winds of Hel out of the trap to the left of the next hallway (we’ll be back to unlock its door in a minute). Throw the Wind into the trap in the first blade. Wait for it to retract a little, then grab the wind back out of it and stash it in the trap on the wall to your right.

This will start the blade revolving around the hallway so you can duck past it.

Grab the wind out of the first blade — the one coming out of the ceiling — when the blade is in the up position. Throw it into the blade on the right to get it moving. You can’t freeze either of the blades in an out-of-the-way place, so you’ll have to time it well. Try to get both blades to retract around the same time so you can dive through the gap in the middle.

In the next room, open the Legendary Chest for a Symbol of Tenacity, then have Atreus read the runes on the wall.

Head out to the balcony on your right to break the chain.

Our advice for the previous rooms applies here, too. Let the rotating platform that shoots beams of fire in the center of the room damage your enemies. Keep your shield raised (to protect against their powerful attacks and the fire from the pillar), and keep both enemies in front of you (so that one can’t hit you from behind). Switch between your weapons, using combinations of L1 + R1/R2 Runic attacks for each weapon as they regenerate. Spartan Rage is incredibly effective against the Fierce Ogre you’ll face, too.

You’ll be rewarded with hacksilver, hardened Svartalfheim steel and a Symbol of Shadows enchantment, which adds a Luck bonus.

As you backtrack, more enemies will appear in the previous room. Use Atreus to shoot them, or just kite them into the hallway and the blades will take care of the problem.

Duck past the blades and back into the first room, where you’ll face a pair of Heavy Draugr and a four-spouted rotating platform. The same advice applies here: Keep your shield up, and switch between weapons and skills, using the environment against your enemies.

Objective: Go back up and flip the temple

Walk back to the main room and take the lift back up. Now you can flip the temple.

Objective: Return to the Realm Travel Room

Climb the wall on your left and open the doors at the top of the wall to return to the Realm Travel Room.

Objective: Collect Tyr’s Mysterious Object

SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon

Walk to the glowing object on the far side of the room and collect the Unity Stone.

With that, you’ll finish “A Path to Jotunheim” and begin “Between the Realms.”

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