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God of War guide: Buri’s Storeroom

Lake of Nine location

After God of War’s sixth main story goal, “A New Destination,” you’ll have some new areas to explore and new favors to complete. One of the new locations that appears during the Low Water phase of the Lake of Nine is Buri’s Storeroom. This guide will walk you through how to get into the storeroom and what you’ll find there.

Buri’s Storeroom

After “A New Destination,” several new landmass will be available to you — these are the areas that were so obstinately fogged over during your initial explorations in the Lake of Nine. Just to the southeast of Stone Falls in the northwest of the Lake is Buri’s Storeroom. It’s a small island, but there are a lot of steps involved in getting the doors open.

When you first arrive, go through the gate on the left side of the beach and start dealing the the draugr — there are two level five draugr that will come out to greet you and one level six fire-throwing draugr behind them.

On the other side of the gate, turn left and watch the cliffs on the other side of the water. There’s an Odin’s raven circling a pillar of stone that you can get after a lot of trial and error with your axe.

If you picked up the Creation Island treasure map in Iron Cove (during the Low Water phase), you’ll find the buried treasure right in the middle of this arena. (Check out our Creation Island treasure map guide for the details.)

Turn and look at the center of the island. You’re looking for some World Tree roots and a shatter crystal. You may have to move left — toward the water wheel — to get a good angle.

(There’s also a Legendary chest back here that is blocked with Hel-bramble, but you won’t be able to access it now.)

Once the roots are destroyed, go back through the gate and turn left to climb the stairs. On top of the storeroom, you’ll be able to turn a wheel that, in turn, turns the huge water wheel. Spin it until the gap in the water wheel lines up with the beach you can see down and to the left.

Return to your canoe and paddle it around the island to the left until you can land on the beach you just opened. Run across the back side of the island to the chain by the gate. Pull it so the bell above it is exposed.

Head back to your canoe and paddle around to the front side of the island again. Now you can ring all three bells and unlock the storeroom.

Inside, you’ll find a Legendary chest with the Glaive Storm heavy runic attack (one of our favorites). To the left and right, you’ll find a couple of wooden chests with hacksilver and World Serpent scales.

SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon

After you get the Blades of Chaos, return to Buri’s Storeroom. At the back of the island, you’ll find a Legendary chest blocked with Hel-bramble. Burn away the branches with your weapon, and open the chest for Rage of the Titans, a light Runic attack. It’s one of our favorite, and you can see in action below.

SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon

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