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God of War guide: Fafnir’s Storeroom walkthrough and collectibles

Fafnir’s Hoard

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In God of War, during your journey to and from Alfheim, your new dwarven friend Sindri will mention a friend of his who had a particularly desirable whetstone. He’ll even tell you where to get it. You can discover the way to the storeroom and the beach early on, but you won’t be able to make it much farther until you come back with your new toy from Alfheim.

Fafnir’s Storeroom

Head to the northwest of the Lake of Nine. You’re looking for Fafnir’s Ravine — it’s between Asgard Tower and the Forgotten Caverns beach, right under the World Serpent’s chin. Paddle down the ravine and land at the beach.

Turn to the right when you hit the beach and look at the wooden crane-thing. Knock down offering pot for some hacksilver, then look at the very tip of the crane for an Odin’s raven.

Sweep the beach for anything else to grab, then head through the tunnel. On the other side, have the boy shoot the crystal to create a bridge over to Sindri’s shop.

When you’re done at the shop, look above you. There’s another of Odin’s ravens circling here. Now you can head down the path to the left.

Head through the next tunnel, and it’ll dump you into a large wooded area. There’s a third Odin’s raven in a tree right in front of you. Climb the ledge and continue into the next piece of the woods.

Kill all the draugr waiting for you — there are a lot of them — then sweep the woods for any loot they dropped.

Head up the hill on the right side of the arena toward the back (in the northwest corner) to find a Nornir chest. Before you try to solve it, though, turn around and look above the entrance to the storeroom for a fourth Odin’s raven.

Now, solve the Nornir chest. There are three bells to ring. The first two are easy to spot behind and above the chest. The third is to the left at the top of the waterfall. Back away from the chest until you can see all three. We started on the left — the one at the top of the waterfall — and worked our way to the right. The chest will give you a Horn of Blood Mead.

Turn around and run straight across the wooded arena — to the left of the main entrance — climb up into the alcove there and open the coffin for some crafting resources. You’ll get some soft Svartalfheim steel and World Serpent scale fragments.

Head up to the main entrance. You can’t get in this way, but there’s some loose hacksilver to pick up. Head back down and duck into the tunnel hidden behind the waterfall.

Climb the ledges and follow the tunnel until you come to the main hub of this side quest. Watch above you for the fifth (and final, in this area) Odin’s raven.

SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment

Drop down and head to the center of the room. Have the boy pick up the Don’t Blink treasure map. (Check out our Don’t Blink treasure map guide for the treasure location.) Then you can start on the five rooms you have to clear the finish this (part of this) favor.

The first room has one level three and one level four draugr. There are two fire pots you can use to deal a little extra damage.

The second room has a scorn pole complicating things. You’ll have to fight a pair of level three reavers and one level five viken. This one can be a really tough fight, so burn your Spartan Rage if you have it.

The third room has a pair of level four revenants.

The fourth room is full of level three, four and five wolves. There’s also a coffin containing some more soft Svartalfheim steel and World Serpent scale fragments.

The final room seems empty at first. There’s a legendary chest to the right where you can pick up a Wrath of the Frost Ancient light runic attack.

After you talk to the reaver spirit, you’ll have to fight a pair of ogres — one level two and one level four. This is another tough fight, so use the ogres to your advantage. Focus on the level two ogre until you get it stunned. Then climb onto his head and let him to the fighting for you. Once they’re downed, pick up all the loot they drop, and you can start backtracking.

When you get back to the woods, you’ll have to fight a forest ancient and some draugr. If you have the Countering Blast shield combat skill, you can use the flaming rocks the ancient shoots at you to deal some damage back. The ancient will drop a Seidr Sigil of Toughness enchantment and a bunch of other useful loot.

SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment

All that’s left to hit 100 percent completion in this region is to go back and talk to Sindri to complete the favor. He’ll give you a Talisman of Betryal in exchange for your efforts. This talisman lets you slow time while aiming and deal a little extra ranged damage.

Where to find The Historian treasure map

Depending on what you’ve done thus far, you may also be able to find The Historian buried treasure. Below, we’ll show you where to find the treasure map and the buried treasure in this area.

Head to the Ruins of the Ancient in the Lake of Nine. The Historian Treasure map is on the beach.

Editor’s note: We captured some of the images in the gallery below late into our God of War game. If you haven’t completed “The Sickness” Journey, then it may contain things that you don’t want to see yet. The text, though, is spoiler-free.

SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon

The Historian buried treasure location

The Historian treasure map’s clue reads:

I wished to make a contribution to Fafnir’s collection of relics. I arrived to find the door locked and Reavers blocking the way I came. I quickly buried my treasure and hid as fast as I could. If I manage to escape, I’ll return to this spot.

The clue leads you to Fafnir’s Storeroom, which you’ll visit during the “Fafnir’s Hoard” Favor. Walk through the forest, until you see the doors for Fafnir’s Storeroom. The buried treasure is in front of the storeroom door by a fire (and also two ram wall carvings, like the drawing in the clue).

Dig up the treasure to get your loot, and check out the gallery above to see what we received (including two Legendary enchantments).

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