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God of War guide: Isle of Death walkthrough and collectibles

Explore this Lake of Nine location

The Isle of Death
SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment

In God of War, once you’re free to explore all there is to offer on the Lake of Nine, you’ll likely head to the various towers and landmarks shrouded in the mist throughout the body of water. Each of these has various items, enemies and more to explore. We’ll breakdown what you can find at one of these such locations, the Isle of Death, located southwest of Tyr’s Temple.

Once you land on shore, look to your right and you’ll find some hacksilver near a corpse.

Continuing forward onto the island, journey upward along the wall to find a brazier that will start a fight with several ice-chucking enemies. Once defeated, you will move forward in the Unfinished Business favor as well as receive a reward.

One of the Lake of Nine’s spirits
SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment

At the opposite end of where the brazier is, you’ll find some golden rocks. Behind them is a red pot that will explode when hit with your axe. Destroying it reveals a corpse that holds an Abandon Ship piece which you can sell to Brok for some hacksilver.

Near the back of the Isle of Death, you’ll see a large ship and some of the same golden rocks next to it. If you walk around the back of the ship, you’ll find yet another exploding pot. Destroy the rocks so you can scale the ship to find some solid Svartalfheim steel and some World Serpent Scales.

Boat Captain’s Key treasure map
SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment

If you’ve found Boat Captain’s Key treasure map, you can find its treasure right below this very ship. The booty you’ll recover will be a large amount of hacksilver, some Aegir’s Gold and a Polished Crest of Shadows, which you can place into an enchantment socket.

There are several other areas to explore at the Isle of Death that you can only complete later in the game.

SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon

When the water level drops, you’ll have access to a northern beach. You’ll know it’s the right one because there will be two Revenant hanging out there. On the beach, directly in front of the boat, are some golden rocks you can destroy with your axe when you throw it at the red lantern there. We recommending doing this so you can create more space and split up the two Revenant instead of fighting them both at the same time.

Once you’ve put them to rest, you’ll notice a coffin underneath some golden rocks near the water. While you can probably see the lanterns while you stand next to it, there is no clear angle from the front. Instead, walk back toward your boat and face the golden rocks, and you’ll find the right angle to hit the lantern. This coffin, like the handful of others you’ll encounter, all have hacksilver and World Serpent Scales in them.

When you move to the southern side of the beach, you’ll see another coffin covered by a Scorn Pole. Just above it is a hanging lantern you can knock down to get access to it. Climbing the wall in that area and then climbing the ship wreckage on top will give you access to a lore item for Atreus to write down. Ignore the golden rocks here — you won’t be able to hit any of their lanterns from this angle.

Hop the gap to the west to enter a small cave where you’ll find yet another coffin next to a Scorn Pole. Its lantern is slightly to the left among the fog. Scale the nearby cliff to make your way back to the original, high water dock where a handful of new areas have opened up.

Back at the original high water dock, you’ll find a Mystic Gateway to the southwest. You’ll also notice some hanging platforms in the opposite direction. These platforms will give you access to Asgard Tower where a strong Traveler awaits as well as a Realm Tear containing some Dust of the Realms. Because going on the platforms is a one-way trip, you might want to scale the wall here to go even higher before taking a trip across the platforms.

Making your way back to the original dock, there are a few notable things. If you have the Blades of Chaos, you can destroy the bramble here to get a pommel for the Blades of Chaos. If you go under the ship wreckage, you can slide down the ropes here to make your way all the way back to the beach where you can reach the previously inaccessible rocks and chest. Inside the Legendary chest down there is an axe pommel. After grabbing it, you can destroy the rocks and make your way back up to the top of the Isle of Death.

Once you’re at the peak again, you actually have two options. You can climb to the high point yet again and slide down the other rope to make your way to Iron Cove, or you can take the pulley system across and make your way toward Asgard Tower.

To navigate the pulley system, hit the paddles on top of each platform to lower them enough to allow Kratos to slide down the rope onto the platform. Then, on the platform itself, spin the lever to raise the platform and repeat with the adjacent platform. To get the Realm Tear, you’ll need to make your way to the first platform, then the second, then back to the first platform.

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