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God of War guide: The Mason’s Channel walkthrough and collectibles

Get 100% completion

God of War Kratos The Mason’s Channel Gullveig SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon

Very early on in God of War, you’ll be able to see the Njord’s Oarsmen in the Lake of Nine but you won’t be able to access the Mason’s Channel. You will be able to visit this later area as it’s essential to the game’s main story missions.

SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon

Once the water drops, you’ll explore this area at the beginning of ”The Magic Chisel” Journey. This small beach is essential to unlocking a gate that brings you to a new area, Thamur’s Corpse, as well as giving you access to a Favor for the Wayward Spirits.

Head north from Tyr’s Temple between the large Njord’s Oarsmen statues. Moving through the channel, you’ll eventually reach a beach, which will be tagged on your map as The Mason’s Channel.

Here you need to open the large gate to move forward. You’ll find a wooden structure with a large wheel you can spin on the left side of the beach. Before doing that, you might want to head toward the dead body pictured in the gallery above. Speaking to the Wayward Spirit there will give you the “Anatomy of Hope” Favor and set you on a quest to recover Gullveig’s remains. Finishing that will get you “Favors Completed” on the map and 100 percent completion of The Mason’s Channel.

Once you’ve spun the wheel and opened the gate, an Ogre will appear from a cliff behind the spirit. It won’t come alone, as two Dark Elves will also join the fray. To make quick work of all enemies, you can attack the Ogre with bare handed attacks to raise its stun meter. After enough hits, you can stun grab the Ogre and control it to attack the Dark Elves.

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