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God of War guide: Stone Falls walkthrough and collectibles

Explore this Lake of Nine location

Stone Falls
SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment

In God of War, once you’re free to explore all there is to offer on the Lake of Nine, you’ll likely head to the various towers and landmarks shrouded in the mist throughout the body of water. Each of these has various items, enemies and more to explore. We’ll breakdown what you can find at one of these such locations, Stone Falls, located slightly northeast of Tyr’s Temple.

Upon landing on the beach at Stone Falls, you’ll find a treasure map for The Boat Captain’s Key. (Check out our Boat Captain’s Key guide for the location of the buried treasure.) Near the map, you’ll see a drawn bridge, ignore it for now. Opposite of the bridge is a Mystic Gateway to Brok’s shop hidden inside the stone walls behind a wooden wall.

Moving past this area further onto land, you’ll pass through a gate where a revenant and a tatzelwurm will be waiting for you. To the right of the combat arena, you will see a small area you can climb up. There you’ll find a large chest you won’t be able to open just yet, but you will find two corpses that have some hacksilver and an Abandon Ship piece. You will also notice a gate that you cannot open in the combat area. We’ll return to it.

Lowering the bridge at Stone Falls
SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment

With the area clear of enemies, you can now see the other side of the drawn bridge. Throw your axe at the chains holding the bridge to lower it so you can across into the next section of Stone Falls. Once on the other side, you’ll find a very angry spirit who will give you the Hammerfall favor, which requires you to destroy a statue of Thor on an island to the east of where you are. Conveniently, the mechanism to open a massive gate blocking your path to the statue is right next to the spirit.

Once you’re done talking to the spirit, you can pass back over the bridge to open up that locked gate in the battle area. Returning to the entrance of the area where you fought off a few enemies, you may have notice a chain that when pulled, will lower the gate in front of you.

Lower the first gate in Stone Falls

When this happens, the gate in the battle area opens, giving you access to the two chests you couldn’t grab before. To make your way back to that area, cross over the bridge that you previously lowered where the angry spirit is and open the gate in the left-hand of that area to make your way back to the battleground. Inside you’ll find some hacksilver and a Golden Talisman of Protection, which allows you to recover faster and increases your parry window and increases your defenses while blocking.

There are several other things to do on this side of Stone Falls, but you’ll have to return later in the game.

SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon

Return to Stone Falls after the water level in the Lake of Nine lowers, and you can find more items.

Lower level

Dock, and look along the left wall for a section made of wooden boards. Smash it and loot the wooden chest behind it for hacksilver and a World Serpent scale.

In the area beyond the red coffin that you can’t open yet, have Atreus shoot the red crystals closest to the water. That’ll allow the wheel to move.

Climb up the wall, jump the gap and loot the wooden chest on your left for hacksilver. An enemy will pop out of the wall. Kill it, and enter the cave it came from to collect more hacksilver.

Leave the cave and turn left toward the spinning wheel. Have Atreus shoot one of the crystals on the rotating wheel when it’s beneath the red coffin. It’ll explode, clearing the bramble. Loot the chest for solid Svartalfheim steel, World Serpent scale +3 and a Symbol of Fervor, a Legendary enchantment with boosts to Runic and Vitality.

Climb up the chain to reach the level at which you first visited Stone Falls. Pretty cool, if you ask us.

Upper level

When you get to the top, do the same trick where Atreus shoots an arrow at the spinning wheel, except this time you’ll dislodge a wheel to the right of where you exited the chain.

Spin the wheel to raise another red coffin. Make sure it’s as high as it can be, and have Atreus shoot the red crystal to dislodge the bramble (and the bramble on the chest to its left). Spin the wheel once to lower the coffin, and loot it for solid Svartalfheim steel +1 and World Serpent scale +3.

Walk around the corner to your left, hop up on the platform and loot the other red coffin for the Frost Sigil of Runic, a Rare enchantment that increases resistance to Frost attacks by 20 percent.

Head back as if you were going to the old dock, and you’ll find yourself in a fight with a pair of tatzelwurms and a poison-throwing revenant. The latter will drop World Serpent scale +6 and hacksilver.

Before going down, jump the gap and run across the bridge, jumping through the waterfall. When you’re back on land, turn around. Look up, and toss your axe at the Odin’s raven hopping above the waterfall.

While standing at a platform close to the old dock (you can climb from here in a minute), have Atreus shoot the red crystal on the stationary wheel. That’ll clear the bramble and get it spinning.

Climb down and, on the next level, kick the chain down to create a shortcut to the dock.

Before going down, jump over the gap by the spinning wheel, and collect hacksilver from a knight’s corpse. Now take the chain down to the beach by your boat.

While you’re down here, have Atreus shoot yet another red crystal to clear the bramble around the red coffin on the beach. Loot it for the Deadly Grip of Fury, a Rare axe pommel that grants a Rage Burst with successful axe kills, as well as Pristine Dust of the Realm, which is found only at Stone Falls. That’s the second Legendary chest in Stone Falls.

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