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God of War guide: Anatomy of Hope walkthrough and collectibles

Finding Gullveig’s bones

Jeffrey Parkin (he/him) has been writing video game guides for Polygon for almost seven years. He has learned to love just about every genre of game that exists.

After the events of God of War’s sixth main story goal, “A New Destination,” you’ll have some new areas to explore and new Favors to complete. The two new Favors both become unlocked with the Low Water phase of the Lake of Nine. This guide will cover the steps necessary to complete the “Anatomy of Hope” Favor.

Mason’s Channel

After the events of “A New Destination,” Mimir will direct you to a new location in Midgard that was previously inaccessible — The Mason’s Channel.

When you paddle past the oarsmen, you’ll come to a closed gate and, just past it, a small beach with the wheel to open it. Before you do, though, you can choose to take on a favor and explore the Lake of Nine some more (and opening the gate triggers some enemies you’ll have to handle).

Directly ahead of the beach, there’s a restless spirit who will ask you to retrieve his beloved’s bones that have been scattered around the lake. He’s hard to miss — he’ll be yelling at you the whole time you’re on the beach.

Accept the favor from him and track it. This will add three markers to your map and compass — one on the beach west of Alfheim Tower, one at the Forgotten Caverns and one at a newly exposed location called the Ruins of the Ancient.

Alfheim Tower beach

Paddle back out along the Mason’s Channel. Watch on your left immediately after passing back by the oarsmen statues for a beach. Before you land, paddle past the beach for some Yggdrasil’s Dew of Strength.

Return to the beach, then climb the wall ahead of you. At the top of the wall, turn around and look at the top of the closest oarsmen statue’s figurehead for an Odin’s raven.

Turn back around and you’ll see Gullveig’s bones along the wall on your left. (Just like treasure maps, you can’t pick up this item unless you have the Favor in your journal.)

While you’re here, there’s a realm tear on your right. There are three level six Hel-walkers inside it, though, so it’s probably best left for later in your game.

Climb up the ledge on the left side of the cliff, then turn to the right and look down. You’ll see a shatter crystal the boy can use to destroy the rocks blocking the lower path. (If you continue along the higher path and through the doors you’ll come to a new area with a completely different Favor called “The Flight of Fafnir.”)

Head back down to the lower path, go past the realm tear, and continue along the path until you find a Legendary chest on your left. Open it for another piece of the Niflheim cipher.

The Forgotten Caverns

Paddle west from the Alfheim Tower all the way across the lake. You’ll beach on a new area of the Forgotten Caverns. Directly ahead of you, there’s another restless spirit who will give you the “Dead Freight” Favor. You can pick it up now if you want or save it for later. Head into the cave behind him to find a Mystic Gateway and a wooden chest.

Turn right and enter the next cave. There are several Wulvers waiting for you in there, so be prepared. Make sure to have the boy grab the Finder’s Fee treasure map from the floor — it’s that first glowing item you see when you enter the cave.

Climb up the wall after cleaning up the Wulvers. Turn right at the top, climb onto the ledge, then jump the gap. Climb one more ledge, then turn right to find Gullvieg’s bones.

Climb the wall up and out of that area to return to the part of the Forgotten Caverns that was accessible during the High Water phase. Use the chain to drop down (this is the arena for part of the “Unfinished Business” Favor). Head to the right to find a pair of Wulvers. Take them out, then ride the zip line back down to the beach.

Ruins of the Ancient

Paddle north from the Forgotten Caverns. The Ruins of the Ancient beach will be on your left. As soon as you dock, there’s a Mystic Gateway on your right. Hop the pillar and continue into the area patrolled by a Soul Devourer.

You don’t actually have to fight the Soul Devourer — and you probably don’t want to yet. If you ignore it and don’t, say, throw your axe at it, it’ll ignore you and you can loot to your heart’s content.

Right ahead of you, the boy can pick up the The Historian treasure map. A little further to the left, there’s a Legendary chest with another piece of the Niflheim cipher. Keep heading left — following the Soul Devourer’s counterclockwise loop — to find Gullveig’s bones in an little alcove near the beach.

Speak to the spirit

Head back into the Mason’s Channel and speak to the spirit again. Surprise! He lied and Gullveig is a Revenant now.

Defeat her to pick up some XP, hacksilver and an Offering to Tyr crafting resource.