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God of War guide: Dead Freight walkthrough

We kille — uh … we laid them all to rest.

Jeffrey Parkin (he/him) has been writing video game guides for Polygon for almost seven years. He has learned to love just about every genre of game that exists.

After the events of God of War’s sixth main story goal, “A New Destination,” you’ll have some new areas to explore and new Favors to complete. The two new favors that become available will both become available with the Low Water phase of the Lake of Nine. This guide will cover the steps necessary to complete the “Dead Freight” Favor.

The Forgotten Caverns

When you arrive at the Forgotten Caverns during the Low Water phase, the restless spirit that gives you this favor to complete is ahead of you just to the right of the mouth of a cave. (You may encounter this spirit while completing the “Anatomy of Hope” Favor.)

Talk to him to pick up the favor, then track it to reveal the three shipwrecks — one at Niflheim Tower, one at the Iron Cove and one on the Isle of Death.

Niflheim Tower

Paddle south to Niflheim Tower and ride the lift up. The three Hel-walkers will be waiting for you at the top. Use the edges of the tower to your advantage — knocking or throwing your enemies off can make this a really quick fight.

Iron Cove

Once again, you’ll find three Hel-walkers waiting for you on the beach. What makes this fight tricky is the one level six and one level seven Wulvers waiting for you as well. You don’t have to defeat the Wulvers to complete this step of the favor, so focus (as much as you can) on the Hel-walkers instead. Defeat them, then get out of there.

Isle of Death

If this is your first visit back to the Isle of Death during the Low Water phase, there’s a lot going on here now. First, turn to your left and handle the two Revenants (one level three and one level four).

Standing next to your beached canoe, look to the left for a red pot that will free the nearby coffin. Open it for some solid Svartalfheim steel and World Serpent scales.

Turn around from the coffin and look at the small gap in the cliff. You can’t walk into it, but if you approach, there will be an Odin’s raven right in front of you at eye level.

Head over to the other canyon on the right. Use the pot to destroy the rocks, and the Hel-walkers will be waiting in an arena on the other end. After they’re defeated, turn to the right side and look for a pot hanging above a scorn pole and coffin. Drop the pot to free the coffin and pick up some more solid Svartalfheim steel and World Serpent scales.

We cover the rest of the exploration in our Isle of Death guide. For now, head back to the spirit in the Forgotten Caverns to complete this favor.

Return to the Tradesman spirit

Paddle back up to the Forgotten Caverns and talk to the spirit again. That’ll close out this favor, and you’ll get some XP and another Offering to Tyr.