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God of War guide: Deus Ex Malachite walkthrough and collectibles

As a favor for Brok, find Andvari’s Hammer in the Landsuther Mines

It’s hammer time
Andvari’s Hammer

In this God of War Deus Ex Malachite guide, we’ll walk you through every step of this favor. Your friend Brok, the dwarf who helps you craft items, will give you the “Deus Ex Malachite” side quest (Favor, in God of War parlance) any time you speak to him after completing Second Hand Soul and after a certain check point in the game. You’ll know it’s available when you speak to him, and the Triangle button reveals a new Favor.

The “Deus Ex Malachite” Favor will have you looking for Andvari’s Hammer in the Landsuther Mines, located on the south side of the Lake of Nine, west of Muspelheim Tower via the Landsuther Canyon waterway.

Deus Ex Malachite walkthrough

After sailing through the Landsuther Canyon, you’ll land on a beach. Dock there and hustle forward through a narrow opening, hop over a gap and through a wooden barrier to find a Mystic Gateway and Brok. Speaking to him there will give you this quest (if you didn’t have it already) and a Landsuther Entry Stone which will get you into the mines, which are down a slight hill.

Smash that pallet
SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment

Once inside, you’ll jog down a small tunnel leading into an area where two Tatzelwurms will be waiting. Take them out so you can smash the heavy pallet hanging above you into the wooden floor below. To do so, first go to one side of the room where you’ll notice a lever that, when activated, will drop a larger pallet of rocks onto the ground. Climb on top of that and shoot a shock arrow into the shatter crystal to send that pallet through the floor.

Doing so will unleash three Dark Elves, so take care of them before descending the ladder made visible through the hole. Before heading all the way down the ladder, make sure to veer off to the right for a coffin filled with resources.

Down the ladder

Don’t miss this side path
SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment

As you drop to the bottom of the ladder, watch out for the Nightmares that aim to give you some trouble. There’s a bit to explore down here, but before you do, turn your gaze back toward the ladder to find some tentacles you can throw your axe through. The path will have yet another Nightmare waiting for you and another coffin filled with some solid Svartalfheim steel and World Serpent scales.

Before climbing up, you’ll notice a lift to your left. Taking that up will lead you to back up to the starting area where you’ll find a coffin with even more solid Svartalfheim steel and World Serpent scales. Next to the coffin, you’ll find the Kneel Before Thor! treasure map. (Check out our Kneel Before Thor! treasure map guide for the location of the loot.)

You can do this now and loop back to where you started, or save that until the end.

The cave

A traveler and a Soul Eater
SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment

When you do finally climb up the path to the next area, you’ll find some more tentacles to tear through. Moving past them, you’ll push through a small gap in the wall into a cave with a Soul Eater and a Traveler. Thankfully, you won’t need to tussle with the ancient, but you’ll still have your hands full.

When you engage the Traveler, some Nightmares will join him and eventually, so will some Tatzelwurms. If you have the Spartan Rage built up, it’s best to use it on the Traveler to rack up as much stun as you can so you can do a stun grab attack to shave off a healthy amount of damage. Use a combination of Runic attacks and Atreus’ bow to fend off the smaller enemies as you deal with the much more challenging Traveler.

Searching for the hammer

Continue your search for the hammer by climbing the ladder next to the Ancient. Keep moving forward until you can see a breakable wooden wall. Destroy it to get some hacksilver and as you turn around, you’ll notice a tentacle on the ceiling. Knock it down and jump below to grab the hacksilver it was hoarding. Turning around and heading toward the water under the walkway you were just on will reveal some more tentacles you can break to reveal a path to a coffin containing an enchantment, the Shard of the Elements, which offers a host of resistances.

Head up the small ledge to this lit corridor
SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment

Heading back, climb up the small ledge into the brightly lit corridor where more Dark Elves will accost you. Once defeated, climb the wall at the back end of that room, shimmy to your right and head forward through a breakable wooden wall. To your left, is some hacksilver and, heading right over the gap, you’ll find a lever that will pull a pallet upward and let you climb the wall even higher. Take the zip line down and make your way up the wall to face off against the Dark Elf Lord.

Dark Elf Lord fight

The Dark Elf Lord’s blinding attacks can leave you wide open
SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment

This will be one of the toughest dark elves you’ll face off against. He’ll bring in some standard Dark Elves as reinforcements, but you need to steer clear of any of his projectiles. If you’re hit by them, the entire area will become clouded and the Dark Elf Lord will slip in and out of this cover to take shots at you or to swoop in with a series of attacks from its staff.

Thankfully, his melee attacks are easy enough to dodge. If you do get caught by its blinding effects, remember that Atreus isn’t blinded and he can easily take shots at him while you wait for the effects to wear off. Shock arrows work well against him, stunning the Dark Elf Lord. Also, the Dark Elf Lord is a bit tricky, so don’t mash if you’re using Spartan Rage attacks as he may be able to dodge them. Use your meter wisely.

Putting down this tough elf will give you an epic talisman, Aegir’s Protection, which creates a zone of defense around Kratos and stops his attacks from being interrupted while reducing damage.

Finding Andvari’s Hammer

Atreus will get you into the room with the hammer
SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment

Near the gate with the storeroom, will be a ledge you need to throw Atreus up. Once through, your son will unlock the room and you can find Andvari’s Hammer in the golden chest in the back. To the right of the chest, is a track leading up to a rock-filled mining cart. Push it down to smash through a wall leading you out of there, which also sets a Tatzelwurms loose.

From there, you can drop back down into the room where you previously broke through the floor. If you didn’t open the gate containing the coffin, you can drop down the hole to find the lift that will bring you to that room.

Either way, you can exit out the other end of that room, crawl back under the path and you’ll make your way back to Brok.

When speaking to Brok, you’ll get your hands on Andvari’s Soul, an epic enchantment that grants a high chance to get a health burst on any runic kill.

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