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God of War guide: ‘Family Business’ Favor walkthrough

Getting the whetstone for Sindri

SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon

Throughout God of War, Sindri, one of the Huldra brothers who helps you upgrade your gear and sells you goods, will have various quests for you. The second of Sindri’s Favors, Family Business, will become available to you after you take care of his first request, “Fafnir’s Hoard,” and after you finish “The Sickness” Journey.

After completing both, just speak with Sindri and he’ll ask you give you a Northri Entry Stone and request that you grab a much needed whetstone at the Northri Stronghold. To get to the stronghold, paddle your boat through the Lake of Nine to the Northri Gorge, which is just west of the of the Light Elf Outpost.

You can find the entrance to the Northri Stronghold here
SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon

After paddling through the valley leading to the stronghold, dock your boat and use the entry stone to open the large gate in front of you.

SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon


As you move through the next area and through the next waterway, you’ll see another dock with Sindri and a Mystic Gateway. You can dock there if you’d like. If not, continue forward until you reach yet another dock.

As you pull up to the dock, you might see some Reavers inland, but before engaging with them, climb the structure between the two gates to locate the Finder’s Fee treasure map item, which will give you some Unyielding Cinders, which you can use to upgrade your pommels. (Check out our Finder’s Fee treasure map guide for all of the details.)

Once you’ve climbed back down, take out the Reavers and watch out for the Revenant who eventually join the fray. You’ll see a coffin behind a gate, but ignore it for now. Continue forward and hop between the water wheel to the bridge on the left. Continue past the bridge and follow the path down to the area poisoned by a Scorn Pole oozing green mist. Throw your axe at the pole to reveal a chest with some hacksilver and World Serpent Scales.

Make your way back to the bridge, and you’ll notice a breakable chain holding the water wheel in place. Shatter it with your axe to get the water wheel spinning so you can pull up the massive gate ahead of you to continue forward. Make your way back to your boat by waiting for a gap in the water wheel. Be careful though, as some Reavers may try and stop you on the path back to the water.


Once you’re back on your boat, head through the gate into the next area, where you’ll find another dock and an Ogre waiting for you. As you tussle with the Ogre, a Viken and some Reavers will join in. Your best option is to pummel the Ogre with bare hand attacks until it’s stunned. Then you can grab it, mount it and use it to beat up the other enemies.

In the far corner against the back wall, you’ll be able to climb up to a wooden platform where you’ll find a Lore Marker and a chest with some hacksilver and World Serpent scales. Climb back down, facing the opposite direction and look up. You’ll find a breakable chain that will drop pallet with stones that you can climb up to reach higher ground. Hit it with your axe, and as you head to the next area, go right first where the Shatter Crystal is to get some loot.

Once on the right path, beyond the Shatter Crystal will be an area covered in poison. Hit the Scorn Pole with your axe to clear away the poison. As you enter the area, turn right to grab some hacksilver, then exit through the opposite direction.

You’ll drop down then turn left to find a wall covered by a Shatter Crystal and some vines. Have Atreus handle it with a Shock Arrow and you’ll find a coffin containing some solid Svartalfheim steel and World Serpent scales. Once destroyed, you’ll also be able to climb newly revealed ladder back to where you just came from.

Once you’ve climbed back up, head to the right to face off against a Poison Wulver and some Nightmares. Before getting deeper into the cave, you can shimmy along a wall overlooking the area below to find some more hacksilver. Once you’ve scored that loot, head down the path toward the Raider ship. Before doing so, look over to your right near a big gate to find one of Odin’s ravens to destroy. (Check out our Odin’s raven guide for the location of all 51 in God of War.)


As you approach the ship, you’ll find that access is cut off due to a drawn bridge. All you need to do is hit the orange wooden board on the other side to drop the bridge. Pop on over and Kratos and Atreus will investigate the ship and grab the whetstone during a cutscene.

After the cutscene is over, your investigation of the ship is cut short as a Traveler and some projecting-throwing enemies storm the ship. Your best option is to take out the enemies above you with projectiles so you can focus on the Traveler. This encounter is straightforward, but be on your guard for the Traveler’s dash attacks. When it raises its sword, move away from it and reengage once its flashy attack is done.

Once defeated, you’ll grab a Shattered Gauntlet of Ages, which is a pretty powerful talisman and an interesting Avengers: Infinity Wars Easter egg. With the ship clear of enemies, Atreus can use his Shock Arrows on the gate next to the ship to enter a small room with a Legendary chest containing some hacksilver and solid Svartalfheim steel.

To exit this area, follow the path created when the Traveler broke onto the ship. From here, you can look through the lower deck by destroying some wood on the underside of the ship. Enter inside to find some text Atreus can translate, in addition to the Njord’s Oarsmen treasure map and a chest in the back containing the Hamingja Essence, a Legendary enchantment that increases Luck. (Check out our Njord’s Oarsmen treasure map guide for all of the details.)


As you continue on the path away from the ship, have Atreus shoot some Shock Arrows at the crystals and vines on the water way to make a path for an exit you can use later. While doing this, some Reavers and Nightmares will show up, so take them out.

Before hopping over the water through, turn around to find a small pathway you can duck under. Doing so will lead you through a poisoned area and beyond it, the coffin you encountered in the beginning of this trip. Inside the coffin is some hacksilver, solid Svartalfheim steel and World Serpent scales.

Head back and then finally jump over the water to the next area. You’ll run into another Shatter Crystal for Atreus to take care of. On the other side of the gate, you’ll find a scroll with adds some lore to your codex and will open up the Wayward Spirits Favor called “Time Heals All.” To complete it, head back to the spirit at Fafnir’s Storeroom and speak to it.

Once you’ve gone through the next gate, you’ll be back in the area you fought the Ogre and your boat. Because you activated the water wheel earlier, you can’t exit the way you came in. So swing your boat around to the right and head through the big opening you created earlier.

Once you pass through the opening, you’ll be near the Raider ship again. Continue past and behind it, and you’ll notice a coffin on a stretch of land. To get to it, continue through the upcoming corridor until you reach a dock in front of a closed gate. Dock and ignore the chain for now. Right behind it, you’ll find a gate you can open by hand to reach a wooden chest that will give you some some extra hacksilver.

After you grab the loot, ignore the chain again and exit and turn right to find a small wooden path you can climb up. Follow it until you reach a breakable wall to find the coffin you saw earlier which contains solid Svartalfheim steel and World Serpent scales.

Once you’ve looted that coffin, then you can head back to the chain to lift the gate. Once you’re back on the boat, you’ll only be a few paddles away from the dock that Sindri is hanging out at. Speak with him, return the whetstone and complete this quest. Before you leave by taking the Mystic Gateway, turn around and destroy one of Odin’s ravens who shows up after you’ve completed the quest.

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