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God of War guide: The Flight of Fafnir walkthrough, items and collectibles

Free the dragon Fafnir

SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon

Throughout God of War’s Midgard, you may encounter three dragons being held captive by mystical shrines. If you can find them, fend off the enemies who surround them and destroy the magical artifacts keeping them imprisoned, you’ll not only complete the Dragon’s Curse Labor, but an individual Favor for each dragon. In this guide, we’ll cover how to complete Flight of Fafnir Favor in The Lake of Nine.

SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon

Flight of Fafnir walkthrough

If the name Fafnir sounds familiar, you’ll learn how it relates to the same dwarf from Fafnir’s Storeroom once you find the site of this dragon’s imprisonment. All you need to do is sail over to a beach hidden between Alfheim Tower and the Njörd’s Oarsmen. (The dock doesn’t have a name, so see the gallery below for the precise location.)

Editor’s note: We captured some of the images in the gallery below late into our God of War game. If you haven’t completed “The Sickness” Journey, then they almost certainly show things that you don’t want to see yet. The text, though, is spoiler-free.

Once docked, you’ll run into some golden rocks you can shoot with a shock arrow to climb to a higher vantage point. From there, you can also look over to your right to destroy more rocks and make a path to a coffin containing a Niflhem Cipher Piece. There is also a Realm Tear here containing a Dust of the Realms after you defeat the three enemies who emerge from the inside.

Once you climb to the higher area, continue forward through the large doors, and enter the area where the dragon, Fafnir, is imprisoned. If you’ve done other dragon Labors before, this one is fairly quick, but a bit difficult. Get ready for a fight.

The first dragon shrine

As soon as you enter, you’ll see Fafnir as well as a chest containing some hacksilver. From there, you’ll see some other pathways, but they are blocked for now. Turn left and then turn right to drop down to the main area where you’ll have plenty of enemies already waiting for you.

In the center of this main area, will be two standard Draugr. To the left, you’ll run into two more, but with shields. And to the top left, right in front of the first dragon shrine, will be yet another Draugr. It’s best to split up the enemies so you don’t get overwhelmed.

Like other dragons, you’ll also need to dodge its lighting breath while fighting enemies. Once you’ve defeated them and destroyed the first dragon shrine, head to the center of the arena and you’ll find a chest of hacksilver to the right of the binding structure.

The second dragon shrine

Once you’re done in the main arena, keep along the right wall (if you’re facing the dragon) and find a climbable wall near the waterfall. Once on top, you’ll enter a small cave with a Draugr and a Traveler protecting the second shrine. Eventually, a second Draugr will join the fight, so watch out.

When you’re done with them, destroy the shrine and open the gate in the back end of the cave. That leads you right in front of the large doors you entered from.

The third dragon shrine

The final dragon shrine is the easiest to take care of. Drop back down to the main area and immediately turn left. You’ll find a lone Draugr protecting the dragon shrine. Take it out and smash that shrine.

Before freeing the dragon, turn around and scale the wall to find a room with a Lore Marker and a coffin containing some Solid Svartalfheim Steel and and World Serpent Scales. Open the gate to exit this room, and make your way back to the dragon.

Of course, it won’t be as easy as just walking up and freeing it. Upon returning to the shrine, a Realm Tear will open and two heavy Draugr will step out. At a certain point, two Revenant will also show up. Take down these four enemies all while dodging the dragon’s breath attacks to finally clear a path to freeing the dragon.

It won’t be an easy fight, but once you’re done you’ll get a Brilliant Scale of the Chained, Rare enchantment that has a moderate chance of granting a blessing of Runic when using Runic attacks. You’ll also get a Dragon Tear and a little bit of XP for your trouble.

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