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God of War guide: The Imprisonment of Otr walkthrough

The shrine to free Otr
SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment

Throughout Midgard, you may encounter three dragons being held captive by mystical shrines. If you can find them, fend off the enemies who surround them and destroy the magical artifacts keeping them imprisoned, you’ll not only complete the Dragon’s Curse Labor, but an individual Favor for each dragon. In this guide, we’ll cover how to complete The Imprisonment of Otr Favor in Veithurgard.

You can complete this Favor the moment you’re free to paddle around the Lake of Nine. To reach the site where Otr is locked down, you must visit Veithurgard, which is east of the Lake of Nine. To open the passage to Veithurgard, spin the wheel which opens a massive gate as we covered in our Stone Falls collectibles guide. Once the gate is open, you need to travel and battle your way through Veithurgard Pass. This guide assumes you’ve made your way through and need a walkthrough on completing The Imprisonment of Otr once you’ve discovered it.

Freeing Otr

The location of the imprisoned Otr
SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment

Once you’re in Veithurgard, head south from the statue of Thor to find the beach that contains the area where Otr is being held. Immedately upon landing, you’ll be greeted by a host of enemies, from Draugr to Tatzelwurms. The further up you go on the beach, the more you’ll find, so try to slowly work your way up the beach instead of taking them all on at once.

Once the beach is clear, you can make your way up the steps leading to Otr. As you’ll quickly find out, the dragon breathes down lighting in intervals through the path toward it. Seek cover on the side paths while fighting the enemies occupying each one areas until you make it up to the shrine containing Otr.

Interact with the shrine to get the Favor, The Imprisonment of Otr then make your way to the three shrines.

The first shine

The first shrine
SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment

If you’re facing the shrine holding Otr, turn to your right and you’ll find a small ledge you can climb up. Follow it up, and you’ll find a single enemy praying to the shrine. Defeat it and some Reavers who appear before you can destroy the shrine.

The Second Shrine

The second shrine
SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment

After destroying the first shrine, head back to the contraption imprisoning Otr and go the opposite direction. Once you’re in the next area, head north until you find another enemy praying at the shrine. Along the way, you’ll not only have to deal with a few more Reavers, but lighting storms being called down from Otr. Be safe!

The third shrine

The third shrine
SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment

If you thought the first two shrines were easy, then be prepared for a bit of puzzle solving and a lot of fighting to get to the final shrine.

If you keep heading east, you might notice a massive but broken bridge with a huge gate on the other side. To get to that gate, you’re going to have to do some legwork. To get started, make your way to the northern and bottom half of the area. You’ll eventually find yourself in an area surrounded by large stone pillars. Take out all the enemies there. You’ll notice an area up some stairs on the eastern backend with a huge torch lighting it up. Head there.

Making your way to the back of the castle
SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment

Once up the stairs, turn right and pop over the small ledge. Turn left at the gate to drop down to several stone gaps you can jump over until you make your way to the other side of the bridge. Destroying the red pot here will clear a path between to the halves of the broken bridge so you can easily cross back and forth now.

Once you’re in front of the gate, you’ll find two Viken you need to take care of. Once they are gone, you’ll have to solve a simple puzzle, matching the symbols on the gate with the contraptions beside it.

Massive gate puzzle

Opening the large gate
SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment

Thankfully everything you need to solve this puzzle is right where you are. Before you get started, make sure to grab the Lore Marker on the far left of the area. If you turn around while facing the lore marker, you’ll see one of Odin’s ravens hanging out on some rubble.

To solve this gate, you need to flip the switches on the four contraptions next to the gate so the symbols on the door match the contraption. The two on the left are already there, so hit the switches your axe until they match. The two on the right require a bit of work.

The bottom right symbol is actually right next to the switch. Don’t be fooled: It’s not in the right orientation. There are two symbols on the contraption that look like an “F.” One is right-side up and the other is upside down. If you look closely at the shape of the hole in the wall and the symbol on the ground, you’ll realize you need to pick up upright version of the “F” symbol to make the right match.

The other is directly behind you along the wall covered up by several boxes. The shape looks like the letter “N.” When you’re done, the right side should look like the image above, and the door will open.

Making your way inside, you’ll face off against two enemies with shields. Once you’re done with them, be sure to check out the shrine that will add more info to your More Than a Myth journal entries. From there you can go right or forward.

Going forward throws you into another encounter with a few enemies and nets you another one of the Horns of Veithurgard.

Going right brings you into some ruins, where you’ll encounter two Reavers. Destroying the red pot to the right will unveil a pathway taking you directly to the final shrine you need to destroy. Several reavers will rise to stop you. Once you’re done, you can free Otr. But let’s explore a bit more.

Otr’s final shrine
SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment

Opening up the gate to your right will put you back at the big gate and bridge, giving you quick access to return to the main area of the map. If you head back the way you came, to the entrance of the Dwarven ruins, you’ll see a big switch you can spin to lower the water level in that area.

Lowering the water in the ruins
SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment

With the water lowered, you can drop down to a smaller area to the right. Be careful: Once you do, you’ll be attacked by two Tatzelwurms. Defeating them lets you grab one of the Horns of Veithurgard off the corpse in the golden armor in that area. Continuing down the path where the tatzelwurms came from will be another Lore Marker.

To the right of the Lore Marker, you’ll find a hall with three enemies — two with shields and one chucking fire — awaiting you in front of a large door. Once you take them out, check out the small ledge on the left side for a chest filled with hacksilver.

Moving past the giant door will bring you into a room with a Fire Troll. Thankfully, when you first enter the room, it’s caged below you, giving you enough time to prep and search the room for healing and rage powe-ups before you go toe-to-toe with the beast.

Fighting Daudi Hamarr

A fight with a giant fire creature
SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment

This fight is like other troll fights, but be careful of its flame stomps and smashes as they can leave circles of fire on the ground that can cause burning damage to Kratos. Mix up your runic attacks and shots from Atreus to get an upper hand on the monster. Whenever you see fire forming at its feet, it’s best to back off — standing near it while it’s charging up an attack can cause fire damage. An easy way to not get hit by its large attacks is to roll away, not side to side, when dodging. You want to put as much distance between you and the troll to avoid getting hit and getting lit on fire.

Once you’ve put it down, be sure to grab the Horn of Heimdall, a talisman that inflicts stun damage and reduces its cooldown on successful blocks and parries. You’ll also grab a World Serpent Scale Fragment, some soft Svartalfheim steel and a Viviarium Key Stone, which you’ll use to get into the room connected to this battle arena.

On the other side, you’ll immediately find a chest with a new light Runic attack, Leviathan’s Wake. Climbing the wall in that area will lead you back outside right next to the object imprisoning Otr. Time to free the dragon.

Freeing Otr and your rewards

Time to free Otr
SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment

Setting Otr free will give you a Brilliant Mark of the Dragon, an enchantment that will give you a a buff called Unstoppable Aura. The buff activates after three seconds of running and prevents enemies from interrupting your movement and attacks. You can still be damaged while in your unstoppable state, so use it with caution.

You’ll also receive a Dragon Tear, some XP and open up a new Labor (or side quest) called Free Dragons.

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