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God of War guide: Dead Freight walkthrough

Dead Freight’s main spirit
SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment

Midway through your playthrough of God of War, you’ll encounter a spirit on the shores of the Forgotten Caverns. He’ll will tell you the somber tale of how he lead its crew to the Lake of Nine, only to have them all perish due to the wrath of the gods. It’s a shame, but it’s up to Kratos to put the crew to rest. To do so, you’ll have to sail to three parts of the Lake of Nine to dispatch a crew of Hel-walkers. This guide will give you tips in case you’re having trouble.

Dead Freight walkthrough

You’ll find the crew in three different locations across the map at the Isle of Death, the top of Niflheim Tower and the Iron Cove. Depending on your level when you attempt this, you may have trouble with fighting the crews. Thankfully, they’re just Hel-Walkers, so there won’t be any surprises if you’ve fought them before.

Tips for the Hel-Walkers

Isle of Death

On the Isle of Death, you’ll face off against two weak ice-chucking enemies and a brutish one with a hammer. A strong runic attack or a short combo will make quick work of the pair of weaker foes, while the big one might require a little more care to put down.

Niflheim Tower

When you reach the top of Niflheim Tower, you’ll square off against two enemies with swords and one with a shield. This trio will be a little tougher than the crew on the Isle of Death, so we recommend using your Runic attacks as fighting against enemies with shields can be annoying.

Make sure to not get locked down trying to beat up the enemy with the shield. If you have the skill that allows you to break through an enemy’s guard (double-tap L1), then you’ll need it here. We recommend saving your Spartan Rage meter if you have it for the last crew members.

Iron Cove

The final showdown against enemies at Iron Cove will be very challenging. When you dock, you may notice you’ll be joined by two Wulvers who can cause some serious damage. That’s in addition to three crew members, two of which will have shields this time. This is the one to pull out all the stops, from all your Runic attacks to popping your Spartan Rage attacks.

Once you’ve mopped up all the crew members, head back to the Forgotten Caverns, speak to the old captain and get some XP and an Offering to Tyr.

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