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God of War guide: Unfinished Business walkthrough

God of War Kratos wayward spirit SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon

God of War’s “Unfinished Business” Favor helps you survey all there is to do in the Lake of Nine. You and Atreus might run across several braziers throughout the lake. Lighting them up will send a wave of enemies your way, but the fight is worth it as each of the four you encounter will free a Wayward Spirit. Each will give you a little bit of backstory about what has gone on recently as well as reward you handsomely for freeing them.

Whichever spirit you free first, you’ll receive a Versatile Warrior’s Handle, an axe pommel that increases your Strength, Defense and Luck. Every subsequent spirit will give you a Corrupted Remnant, which you can use to upgrade your axe pommel. The order doesn’t matter as long as you defeat all the enemies that appear.

There are four sites you can easily get to and complete as soon as you end up at the Lake of Nine. Doing so early will give you an axe pommel that grants a lot of different buffs and this quest is worth doing early as soon as you can paddle around.

The Iron Cove is a great place to start this quest. It’s located just southwest of Tyr’s Temple. Lighting the brazier here will unleash some Nightmares and Reavers.

From there, the Isle of Death is directly north. Climbing up the platform to get to the higher area of the isle where the brazier is. Once lit, you’ll face off against some ice-throwing foes.

From there, you can sail northeast to the Forgotten Caverns. Before you even light the brazier, you’ll see several enemies there. Defeat them then light the brazier to unleash some Reavers.

Finally you can head to Cliffs of the Raven which is on the right of Tyr’s Tower. Getting the brazier fired up will set loose some Tatzelwurms and Viken.

By the time you’re done tackling this Favor, not only will you have a new axe pommel but several resources to upgrade it. This is good to tackle in the early game as it’ll give you upgrades for a decent amount of effort.

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