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God of War guide: Finder’s Fee treasure map

The location of the map and the treasure

SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon

The Finder’s Fee treasure map is one of 12 maps scattered throughout God of War. In this guide, we’ll show you where to find the map and its treasure.

Finder’s Fee treasure map location

You’ll find the map in the Forgotten Caverns. To get there, paddle west from the Alfheim Tower all the way across the lake and dock at the beach. Directly ahead of you, there’s another restless spirit. Head into the cave with the Mystic Gateway and a wooden chest.

Turn right and enter the next cave. (There may be several Wulvers waiting for you in there, so be prepared.) The Finder’s Fee treasure map is the floor — it’s that first glowing item you see when you enter the cave. Have Atreus pick it up.

SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon

Editor’s note: We captured the images in the gallery below late into our God of War game. If you haven't completed “The Sickness” Journey, then some of the images almost certainly show things that you don’t want to see yet. The text, though, is spoiler-free.

Finder’s Fee treasure location

To find the treasure, head to Northri Stronghold in the far northwest of Midgard. (See the gallery above for a Midgard map.) You can unlock this during the events of the “Family Business” Favor, or you can return to Northri Stronghold after. (Use the northernmost Mystic Gateway, if you’ve unlocked it.)

Row past Sindri’s shop, keeping it on your right. Continue rowing past the ship and through the broken gate past the ship. Paddle until you arrive in the room with the water wheel. Look for a white flag flying on a dock. That’s your destination.

Exit your boat onto the dock, and hug the right wall. Climb up the wooden platforms on your right. (If you jumped over the gap, you’ve gone too far.) The treasure is almost directly in front of you when you reach the top. Pick it up, and you’ll receive Unyielding Cinders, a crafting item for upgrading axe pommels with Burn damage effects.