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God of War Faces of Magic artifact locations (River Pass) guide

The locations of all River Pass artifacts

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In this God of War Faces of Magic artifact locations guide, we’ll show you how to find every Faces of Magic artifact in River Pass.

Finding artifacts in God of War isn’t just about being a completionist. Each artifact you pick up earns you some XP (with a bonus when you complete a set). And you can sell artifacts for good money when you visit a Brok or Sindri franchise location.

Our God of War artifact guides were originally written for the PS4 release in 2018, but the location of the artifacts has not changed for 2022’s PC release.

Faces of Magic artifact locations (River Pass)

You’ll only be able to get the first seven River Pass artifacts during your first visit as part of “A Path to the Mountain.” (You can find the remaining two Faces of Magic artifacts later, and we cover those below.)

  1. You won’t be able to find your first artifact until quite a way into the River Pass. After make it past all of the bridge puzzles, but before you meet Brok for the first time, you’ll get attacked by Reavers. Once you escape them, you’ll cross a ledge. On the other side, there’s a chain you can climb down. Follow the ledge you land on until you find the first artifact.
  2. Shortly after that, you’ll meet Brok. Turn right from his shop and follow the path a little ways. Drop down over the ledge to find the second artifact.
  3. Back on the main path, you’ll cross through a spiked-ceiling puzzle area. On the other side, you’ll walk right past the third artifact.
  4. Right after you pick up that one, follow the edge of the cliff you come to until you find the fourth artifact.
  5. Just a little after that, you’ll have to solve a sand bowl puzzle and open a big round door. Follow the tunnels inside and take the first left. Climb up the ledge to find the fifth artifact.
  6. After you fight the troll and exit his arena you’ll come to a burned village. You can find the sixth artifact behind the fourth house on your right.
  7. After a bit of story development, you’ll end up in the Witch’s Cave under her house. Go down the ramp and turn left. Continue along that tunnel and drop down. Grab the pallet full of rocks and move it toward the water. You’ll have to reposition yourself, but you can push it all the way into the river. Jump on top of it and across to the next platform to find Faces of Magic artifact 7.

You can find the remaining two Faces of Magic artifacts when you return to the River Pass — specifically the Witch’s Cave and House — during “A New Destination.”

  1. When you return to the Cave, you’ll have to climb up an old well to get to the witch’s front yard. At the top of the well, follow the ramp down. You’ll pass right by this artifact near a corpse on your right.
  2. When you get to her front yard, turn left and climb up the chain to a ledge. The final artifact is hidden in the grass along the left side of the path. This one is extremely easy to miss.

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