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God of War guide: Bottoms Up artifact locations (The Mountain)

The locations of all artifacts in the Mountain

SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon
Jeffrey Parkin (he/him) has been writing video game guides for Polygon for almost seven years. He has learned to love just about every genre of game that exists.

In this God of War Bottoms Up artifact location guide, we’ll show you how to find every Bottoms Up artifact in the Mountain.

Finding artifacts in God of War isn’t just about being a completionist. Each artifact you pick up earns you some XP (with a bonus when you complete a set). And you can sell artifacts for good money when you visit a Brok or Sindri franchise location.

The guide below for the 2018 PS4 release is still true for 2022’s PC release — the artifacts haven’t moved.

Bottoms Up artifact locations (The Mountain)

You’ll be able to pick up the five Bottoms Up cups during the “Inside the Mountain” Journey chapter.

  1. After you take the Sky Mover up and clear away the Black Breath, you’ll finally get inside the mountain. During your first visit to the deer-headed statue’s throne room, you’ll go through a long process through the door on the right. There’s a Nornir chest back in the cavern there. The first artifact is directly across from the Nornir chest. You’ll have to smash through some planks and a table to find it. (This is right before you come back into the throne room.)
  2. A little later, you’ll have to find and move a cart to create a makeshift elevator in the Heart of the Mountain area. As soon as you start to move that cart, you’ll unblock a spiked door. Knock it open with your axe, and you’ll find the second artifact inside.
  3. After you fight Hraezlyr and talk to Sindri, you’ll get back inside the Mountain. After a little climbing, you’ll have to move a basket and a Shatter Crystal to blow some stuff up. After you move the basket, the third artifact is in an alcove behind it.
  4. Shortly after that, you’ll run along a snowy ridge as you approach the summit. There’s a quick way up blocked by Hel-bramble. Turn left there and follow the path around to pick up the fourth artifact.

You can’t get the final Bottoms Up artifact until you return to the Mountain during “Return to the Summit.”

  1. When you get back inside the Mountain, you’ll be able to skip over the throne room by going around to the left this time. When you get back into the room where you created your elevator earlier, there’s a sap wall under a platform on your left. The final artifact is behind that sap wall.

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