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God of War guide: Kneel Before Thor! treasure map location

I’ve lived to serve the god of thunder …

In this God of War guide, we’ll show you how to find the Kneel Before Thor! treasure map and buried treasure.

Editor’s note: We captured the images in the galleries below late into our God of War game. If you haven’t completed “The Sickness” Journey, then they may contain things that you don’t want to see yet. The text, though, is spoiler-free.

SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon

Where to find the Kneel Before Thor! treasure map location

You can find the Kneel Before Thor! treasure map in the Landsuther Mines, which you visit during the “Deus Ex Malachite” Favor. (The first image in the gallery below shows you the location of the mines.)

In the large room on first floor of the mine, you’ll see a coffin sitting behind a wooden gate that you can’t open. Eventually, you’ll climb down through a hole to a lower level of the mines. As you explore the lower levels of the mine, you’ll notice a lift (or elevator). Taking that up will lead you to back up to first floor, to the room with the coffin that you couldn’t access earlier.

Next to the coffin, you’ll find the Kneel Before Thor! treasure map.

Kneel Before Thor! buried treasure location

The Kneel Before Thor! treasure map’s clue reads:

I’ve lived to serve the god of thunder and I bury my greatest treasure right where all inhabitants of Midgard should dwell: at the feed of the God of gods.

The clue leads you to Lookout Tower, which is part of the Lake of Nine. To find the treasure, you’ll need to visit Lookout Tower during the low water phase. The path up isn’t straightforward, so let’s talk about how to get up there.

Getting to the top of Lookout Tower

During the low water phase, get back to the Lookout Tower beach and clear up the Nightmares waiting for you there.

On the right side of the beach — the west end — look for a crack you can climb. There are spikes sticking down from the top, though, so you can’t climb it yet. Look to the left for a spinning pillar. Hit it with your axe until the spikes disappear, then climb up.

At the top, follow the path to the right and jump the gap. There will probably be more spikes blocking your path. Turn around and hit the spinning pillar some more until they go away.

Climb up the next cliff as well. At the top, turn left to find a wooden chest and a chain that leads back down to the high water area of the Lookout Tower. To the right of the wooden chest is yet another cliff to climb.

Just keep climbing until you’re at the top where you’ll find a zip line. Ride it down.

Directly ahead of you is a More than a Myth shrine. Just to the right of that, you’ll be able to find the Kneel Before Thor! buried treasure if you picked up the map in Landsuther Mines.

Unearth the treasure to get the loot. Browse the gallery above for the details.