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Kratos stands intensely in a cloud of mist in God of War Ragnarok, a big PlayStation game with many guides, tips, tricks, and secrets.

God of War Ragnarök guides and walkthroughs

Can’t find that last Odin’s Raven? Stuck on that Nornir Chest? Let us help

Even gods need some help from time to time, a fact you’ll learn within minutes of starting God of War Ragnarök. Throughout Santa Monica Studio’s latest magnum opus, you’ll steer Kratos and his son, Atreus, on an adventure across the nine realms of classic Norse mythology. As with its predecessor — 2018’s God of War for the PlayStation 4 — Ragnarök is positively packed with puzzles to complete and collectibles to find.

If you played God of War (2018), you’ll know this means taking out a small army of pesky Odin’s Ravens. You’ll know it means uncovering glowing Artifacts and buried treasure maps. And you’ll also know — sorry to say — it means solving puzzles affiliated with those locked Nornir Chests, which buff Kratos’ stats. We’ve got guides highlighting where to find all of these (and more), in addition to explainers about settings, skills, side-quests, and other things you should know before starting.

Of course, if you’re more interested in the game’s story than its gameplay, we’ve summarized all the events of the God of War series up to the start of Ragnarök. We’ve even got a guide comparing the God of War Ragnarök cast to the actual Norse myths that inspired them.

Ragnarök, which puts on capstone on the series’ duology in the Norse realms, is a pretty hefty game. It is statistically unreasonable to expect anyone to hit the credits immediately after launch, and as such, these guides are only partially complete — covering up through the end of the first two major explorable areas. We’ll be updating these guides regularly over the coming days, as players make it through more of the grind. And, of course, we’ll do our best to clearly mark spoilers in every post, so you’re never caught off guard while hunting for a hidden object or chest.