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How long is God of War Ragnarök?

Seriously, how many chapters are on The Path?

Kratos leans on a windowsill, exhausted with how long God of War Ragnarok is.
Who’s more tired, you or Kratos?
Image: SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon

The God of War series is known for its massive spectacle, but nothing is quite as big as God of War Ragnarök’s narrative. Seriously, it’s enormous. You know how the previous game — 2018’s well-regarded God of War for the PlayStation 4 — was centered around a giant hub area called the Lake of Nine? There’s, like, four of those in Ragnarök. Yeah. We know.

What’s more, God of War Ragnarök never tells you how far along you are, and it doesn’t include a percentage completion meter, so it’s tough to tell for sure how long the game actually is. (Reviewers have largely pegged completion time at around 40 hours. Polygon’s staff have found the game takes anywhere from 30-50ish hours, depending on how thorough you are with side quests and other optional activities.)

In the previous God of War, you could grok a broad understanding of your story progress by assessing how powerful your gear was. You could level up your primary weapon, the Leviathan Axe, multiple times following key story missions; once you fully leveled it up, you’d know you were in the endgame. But that method doesn’t work for God of War Ragnarök, for reasons that will become clear the more you play.

To that end, here’s a full list of every main mission in God of War Ragnarök (these missions are called “The Path”). We’ve also listed the realms they’re set in, so you can be extra sure where you’re at.

[Note: While this post doesn’t explicitly spell out any narrative events, the mere nature of revealing mission titles implies spoilers. Proceed with caution.]

God of War Ragarnök story length and chapter list

  • Surviving Fimbulwinter — Midgard
  • The Quest for Týr — Svartalfheim
  • Old Friends — Midgard
  • Groa’s Secret — Alfheim
  • The Lost Sanctuary — Jotunheim
  • Reckoning — Vanaheim
  • The Runaway — Asgard
  • Into the Fire — Musphelheim
  • The Word of Fate — Midgard
  • Forging Destiny — Svartalfheim
  • Unleashing Hel — Helheim
  • Reunion — Helheim
  • Creatures of Prophecy — Vanaheim
  • Unlocking the Mask — Niflheim
  • Hunting for Solace — Midgard
  • The Summoning — Musphelheim
  • The Realms at War — Asgard
  • Beyond Ragnarok — basically everywhere

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