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How to get God of War Ragnarök’s platinum trophy

See the trophy list (and hidden trophies) required for ‘The Bear and the Wolf’

Kratos puts his arm around Atreus while standing in the woods in God of War Ragnarok Image: SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment

As with all PlayStation games, God of War Ragnarök has a full list PlayStation trophies, including a platinum one. Ragnarök’s platinum trophy — earned by successfully unlocking all of the game’s other trophies — is called “the Bear and the Wolf.

Trophies are categorized by their challenge factor, from bronze (easiest) to silver (medium-est) to gold (hardest). Around half are publicly viewable on your console’s dashboard, and they’ll show you the exact tasks you need to complete to earn them. But the other half are hidden, meaning you won’t know the parameters of them unless you complete them inadvertently (or, y’know, look at a guide like this). We’ve bisected this guide accordingly, in order to preserve potential spoilers.

Without further ado, here’s the full God of War Ragnarök trophy list for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, plus what you need to do to unlock them.

God of War Ragnarök trophy list

  • The Bear and the Wolf (Platinum) - Collect all Trophies
  • The Librarian (Bronze) - Collect all of the Books
  • The Curator (Bronze) - Collect all of the Artifacts
  • How it Started (Bronze) - Equip an Enchantment
  • Spit Shine (Bronze) - Upgrade one piece of armor
  • Knock off the Rust (Bronze) - Purchase a Skill
  • Spartan Ways (Silver) - Remember the Spartan teachings
  • Full Belly (Silver) - Obtain all of the Apples of Idunn and Horns of Blood Mead
  • Phalanx (Silver) - Obtain all Shields
  • Collector (Silver) - Obtain all Relics and Sword Hilts
  • Dragon Slayer (Silver) - Craft the Dragon Scaled Armor Set
  • How it’s Going (Silver) - Fully repair the Amulet of Yggdrasil
  • Ready for Commitment (Gold) - Fully upgrade one armor set

Note: The following trophies are all hidden. By their nature, the descriptions of their unlock conditions contain spoilers (some obvious, some less so). Consider yourself warned.

God of War Ragnarök hidden trophies

  • The Florist (Bronze) - Collect one flower from each of the nine realms
  • A Grizzly Encounter (Bronze) - Battle the Bear
  • Blood Debt (Bronze) - Battle the God of Thunder
  • Backyard Brawl (Bronze) - Battle the Mysterious Valkyrie
  • Root of the Problem (Bronze) - Battle Nidhogg
  • The Cauldron (Bronze) - Destroy Gryla’s cauldron
  • Off the Leash (Bronze) - Battle Garm
  • Comeuppance (Bronze) - Battle Heimdall
  • Better Together (Bronze) - Battle Hrist and Mist
  • New Friends (Bronze) - Fetch Lunda’s orb
  • Funeral for a Friend (Silver) - Attend the funeral
  • Rebel Leader (Silver) - Return the Hammer of the Rebellion
  • Full Gufa (Silver) - Free the Hafgufas
  • Making Amends (Silver) - Free the Lyngbakr
  • It Was a Good Day (Silver) - Retrieve Mardoll
  • Invasive Species (Silver) - Complete all of the Crater Hunts
  • Besties (Silver) - Pet Speki and Svanna
  • Rightful Place (Silver) - Return all the Lindwyrms to Ratatoskr
  • Purge of Hart (Silver) - Return the Stags of the Four Seasons
  • Trials by Fire (Silver) - Complete the Trials of Muspelheim
  • Ragnarok (Gold) - Battle the All-Father
  • Grave Mistake (Gold) - Battle King Hrolf
  • The True Queen (Gold) - Battle Gna

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