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Competition will drive success of Nintendo Switch more than Zelda or Mario

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The E3 show needs to die (or change drastically)

When American militia and religious cults become marketing

Democracy in Cuba is smuggled on thumb drives, spreads on street networks

Play NYC joins Tribeca Games and NY Comic Con as NYC’s game expos expand

The Samsung S8 makes this the best time to switch to an Android phone

Xbox Scorpio may deliver on Bill Gates’ promise of the console as powerful PC

Samsung became the heir apparent to the mobile tech throne this week

Experts set to meet with fed government about need for VR ethics, more research

Video games can and should inspire entire societies to do better

With a little help, video games could thrive under Trump ... and why that matters

The smartwatch is dead, long live the smart watch

How the $500M VR lawsuit might be a good thing for the technology

Apocalypse Now won’t be a shooter

Video games owe a lot to President Obama's administration

A Nintendo tablet is a fantastic idea

My favorite game of the year is powered by panic attacks and disease

Nintendo’s biggest problem is Nintendo

Savior’s struggle to become Cuba’s first indie video game

Parenting in the digital age means a lot of doodads like this

Guns, games and violence: The real questions you should be asking

Gaming likely to be big part of Obama's $4B computer science initiative

E3 this year will admit thousands of fans

Happy 38th birthday, Star Wars, you changed my life

The console needs to die and Nintendo should be the one to pull the trigger

U.S. Department of Education: The future of education includes video games in classrooms

South By Southwest celebrates gaming, but doesn't quite embrace it ... yet

Jerk cats, furniture assembly, subway systems: How gaming is making the mundane fun

You (and your money) are driving today's gaming renaissance

Windows 10 may do the impossible: help Microsoft win back the hearts of PC gamers

Intel initiative leads to big goal: Doubling of women in game development by 2025

Turning video gaming's great grub into meals you can really eat