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What time does the GTA 6 trailer release?

What to expect from the ‘next Grand Theft Auto’ reveal

The sun sets behind a sign reading “Vice” in a screenshot from Grand Theft Auto 6 Image: Rockstar Studios/Rockstar Games

Update (Dec. 4): Developer Rockstar Games has officially released the first GTA 6 trailer — albeit earlier than expected.

Though the GTA 6 trailer was initially planned to drop on Tuesday, Dec. 5, at 6 a.m. PST / 9 a.m. EST, developer Rockstar Games released the trailer roughly 12 hours earlier via YouTube. You can watch it here:

So what happened? At around 5:30 p.m. EST, the trailer was leaked on X (formerly Twitter) in the form of a low resolution video with a BUY BTC logo stamped over the footage. In response, Rockstar then published the official trailer within the hour.

Rockstar has since followed up with a few extra details, including news it’ll be coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X / S, and that it’s set in Vice City and the wider state of Leonida.

GTA 6 is out in 2025. Until then, we’re listening to the trailer’s Tom Petty song on repeat.

Original story follows.

What can we expect from the first GTA 6 trailer?

“Trailer 1” for Rockstar’s next project is confirmed to be the “next Grand Theft Auto,” according to a news release from November, which will almost certainly be named Grand Theft Auto 6. This might sound obvious to point out, but we technically don’t know the name yet. As it’s been 10 years since the last game — GTA 5 debuted in September 2013 — and that numbered entries are reserved for the next major game in the series, this being GTA 6 seems like a safe bet.

Following leaks of “early development footage” of the game late last year, we otherwise likely know several key details already, from the setting (a fictionalized Miami, similar to 2002’s Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, albeit a fresh take set in the modern day) and the return of multiple playable protagonists (including a female character). You can delve into this, and more, in our Grand Theft Auto 6 everything we know page.

All this, as well as the broad themes of the story, will likely be revealed as part of this first trailer. Of course, there could have been some changes since those leaks, but based on the teaser image for the trailer — as seen below — the Miami / Vice City theme, with its palm trees and color palette, is all but confirmed.

A teaser image for GTA 6’s Trailer 1 and the text ‘Tuesday, December 5, 9am ET’ on an orange and pink sky with palm trees either side Image: Rockstar Games

As for news of a release date at this point, it’s certainly possible. Red Dead Redemption 2 saw its first trailer end with a date (which was later delayed), while Grand Theft Auto 5’s first look did not.

Either way, revisiting these reveal trailers can give us a better idea of what we can expect from our first look at the game. Both teasers are less about story specifics and individual characters, and more establishing the setting and tone; it’s likely that this first look at the next Grand Theft Auto will strive for the same.

Here’s Grand Theft Auto 5’s reveal trailer, from November 2011 (the game launched nearly two full years later):

And Red Dead Redemption 2’s reveal trailer, from October 2016 (the game launched in October 2018):

A final extra detail as we enter the final 24 hours of the trailer’s release; due to the premiere for the video going live, we know through YouTube metadata the trailer will be 91 seconds — or a minute and 31 seconds — in length. (Thanks VGC for revealing this.) This makes it longer than the first reveals for both GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2, but only by a handful of seconds, meaning we can still expect a similar reveal in scope.

Though 2022’s leaks have given us an idea of the broad strokes of this next Grand Theft Auto, there’s plenty we still don’t know about the game that this debut trailer should reveal. And if it doesn’t show much, this is “Trailer 1,” suggesting it’ll be the first of many — meaning we’ll have multiple glimpses of the game before it eventually arrives.

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