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10 things to do in World of Warcraft’s Tomb of Sargeras patch

What to do when Legion gets bigger

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Legion, World of Warcraft’s sixth expansion, has been keeping players fairly busy since its release last fall. Patch 7.2 is the third significant update to Legion, and Blizzard said in a recent Q&A that the patch, dubbed The Tomb of Sargeras, is the largest that WoW has ever received outside of a new expansion.

With the sheer amount of content being added, it would be fairly easy to get overwhelmed. Well, have no fear. In anticipation of The Tomb of Sargeras, we’ve compiled a short list of things that you need to do in 7.2. (We would have called this Kil’jaeden’s Burning List, but we’re still a little too Kil-jaded that we don’t have the Legendary in reference … we’re so sorry).

Join the battle on the Broken Shore

It should probably be no surprise that the first thing you do when logging on is to talk to Khadgar in Dalaran. With the arrival of new Legion forces, he will ask you to return to the Broken Shore, and bring the battle to the demons. This will start an opening quest line to establish a beachhead in the new zone.

The Broken Shore will probably look fairly familiar to launch Legion players. This is where the pre-Legion scenario happened, where we first fought Krosus and where legendary Paladin, Tirion Fordring, lost his life. This introductory mission from Khadgar will be your reintroduction to the area, which will end up being the central location for most of the new content in 7.2.

Explore the new zone, and meet the NPCs

Once you get dropped into the new zone, there is a lot to do. Take the time to look around and get a lay of the land. Grab all of the quests available to you, and start on the 11 week quest line to open up the Tomb of Sargeras.

Think of this place as Suramar 2.0, a max level questing zone with cool rewards and long questlines. This will also be a great source for reputation with the new faction and their special currency.

Upgrade your artifact weapon

If you have at least 35 traits unlocked in your current weapon, you should receive a quest to upgrade your artifact. Completing this short questline will refund any AP that you put into your weapon past 35 and will also unlock a brand new tree for you to invest in.

The old scaling trait, which could go up to 20, is now a single investment that gives 5 percent additional damage, healing, etc., depending on your role. After that trait is unlocked in The Tomb of Sargeras, you can now move onto another flat percentage trait that will net you 10 percent additional damage and stamina, which should make up for Blizzard taking away the 20 trait scaling ability. This is the same across every specialization and every weapon.

Once the 10 percent trait is unlocked, things will be different depending on your weapon. Everyone gets a new trait that can be purchased four times, a new trait that can be purchased once and a new golden dragon. All of the old three purchase traits on your artifact can also be purchased an additional time, allowing them to have four points. Once all of that is unlocked, Blizzard has added a trait that can be purchased 50 times. This trait is a random occurrence when you use attack that will give you extra primary stat (strength, agility, intellect) for 10 seconds. The higher the rank, the more primary stat it grants you.

At this point in the expansion, many people have maxed out their Artifact Knowledge to 25. These new traits are expensive, so to help make them more affordable, Blizzard upped the maximum Artifact Knowledge to 50. You must complete a short quest to continue your artifact research from 25 to 26 and so on. You don’t want to waste any time doing this. Artifact knowledge research still takes real time to work, and the jump from artifact knowledge 25 to 26 is significant. If you want to start filling out your new traits quickly, start researching your knowledge as soon as you can.

Begin the Broken Shore grind

Blizzard Entertainment

With a new zone comes new things to grind. There is a new-ish currency in Nethershards (which have been used in previous expansions), new world quests to do, a new region specific building effort, and of course, a new faction.

The new faction is the Armies of Legionfall, the group leading the battle against the Legion on the Broken Shore. There are lots of cool things that you can buy from them by getting their reputation up. However, you may want to get your rep up with them even if you don’t care about fun toys or cosmetics. If it is going to be anything like Suramar, reputation will probably end up gating later quests. Not to mention that the super cool new class mounts will not be acquirable until you reach exalted with the new faction. As such, make sure you start doing all their quests as well as regularly running all of the world quests on the Broken Shore.

As far as the building effort, there are three buildings that all servers in a given region can contribute to. Through world quests, you will be able to acquire Legionfall War Supplies, which you can then contribute to several new buildings: Mage Tower, Command Center or Nether Disruptor. These buildings offer different worldwide buffs once they are erected and have health bars. As the Legion attacks them over the course of a few days, they will lose health, eventually having to be rebuilt.

Check out the new dungeon(s)

There is one new dungeon being added in 7.2: The Cathedral of Eternal Night. This means new world quests, new gear and most importantly, a new Mythic+ keystone. While you may be way too geared to have any reason to run the dungeon without a keystone, consider familiarizing yourself with it nonetheless. If you want to go fast when you get a key, you have to run the fights. You have to know the layout of the dungeon.

Return to Karazhan, the raid turned dungeon released in 7.1, is also being split up into two separate wings: Upper and Lower Karazhan. Either of these wings can now be Mythic+ keystones as well, and their gear has been added to the end of the week cache. If you haven’t familiarized yourself with the fights or the layout, you may want to give it a run or two before taking on the speed challenge.

Blizzard has also added the first pet battle dungeon to World of Warcraft, where you and your little friends can roll through a contained area and fight all kinds of enemies. So, if you are into that kind of thing, go check it out. Blizzard will be monitoring the community's feedback and participation closely when determining whether they will continue making pet battle dungeons.

Learn to fly

If you have already completed the requirements for Broken Isles Pathfinder Part One, you are so close to learning how to fly in Legion. With the addition of The Tomb of Sargeras, Broken Isles Pathfinder Part Two is available.

Once you unlock this achievement, you will be able to fly on all of your characters anywhere in the Broken Isles. Part Two requires the completion of Part One, the completion of a Legion Invasion in each zone (these will become available a week after 7.2 launches), discovering all of the areas on the Broken Shore and hitting revered with the Armies of Legionfall. Reaching revered will take the longest by far, so start on that reputation grind as soon as you can. The others are fairly easy and should happen almost naturally.

If you have yet to finish Part One, it is fairly easy to do (although it is time-consuming). To unlock Part One, you have to explore all of the zones in the Broken Isles, complete the storyline in each zone (including Suramar), complete 100 different world quests, complete your class order campaign and reach revered with all of the major Broken Isles factions.

Attempt your new class-specific challenge

Are you tired of your artifact’s look? Well, with The Tomb of Sargeras, each artifact will be getting their very own “Challenge Appearance.”

Once the Mage Tower building goes up on the Broken Shore, you should be able to attempt a class challenge. Depending on your specialization, you will be assigned to one of seven different solo scenarios. These scenarios are not available for testing, but Blizzard has promised that they will be tough. If you are successful, you will receive a shiny new appearance for your weapon. If you fail, you can try again for some Nethershards. Blizzard promised that these scenarios are hard, so if you want that new look, be ready for anything. Retribution Paladin’s might have to use Blessing of Sacrifice on someone, or Enhancement Shaman’s might have to Hex an enemy. Think outside the box and try to remember all of the tools that Blizzard has given you.

Blizzard Entertainment

Get that iLvl up even easier

Many older activities, such as normal, heroic, and base level mythic dungeons, have had their rewards bolstered. World quests now also have a higher maximum ilvl (item level).

You can use Nethershards to purchase Dauntless Tokens and Relinquished Tokens. Dauntless Tokens can become 850 items whereas Relinquished Tokens have much higher potential. These can become dungeon, raid or even legendary items. They are bought for a specific slot, so you no longer have to worry about being stuck with those 780 boots all the way into Nighthold.

With all of these new sources of gear, you should have no problem getting your favorite character into a more competitive situation.

Bolster your alt stable

Alts can easily come into play with the increase in easily accessible gear. Now that world quests and dungeons grant higher ilvls, getting another character up to a usable ilvl is easier than ever. Similarly, once the invasions come out, characters who aren’t level 110 yet can play. These invasions grant a ton of experience, allowing you to skip some questing along the way to max level.

Higher artifact knowledge on alts has also become easy to achieve. On your main character, you can still buy instant artifact knowledge books up to five levels lower than what you have. This means that, with the new cap of 50, you can boost alts up to 45 quickly. If you have been eyeing your guild’s Shaman and thinking of making a magma-slinging character of your own, you could find yourself in the Nighthold in only a few days.

Prepare for the Tomb of Sargeras Raid

Blizzard Entertainment

Despite this patch being called The Tomb of Sargeras, the raid will not open for several weeks. So what can you do to get ready for the next raid? Well, keep doing that old content.

With all of the cool new features being released in 7.2, it can be easy to run out of time on your weekly gearing rituals. Keep doing your Mythic+ dungeons, your raids and your emissary caches. The more gear and legendaries you get over the course of the next several weeks, the more prepared you will be when the tomb opens.

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