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How to defeat and catch the legendary Zapdos in Pokémon Go

You’ve got a few days to hunt down the electric-type

zapdos in pokemon go header image Niantic/The Pokémon Company

Zapdos is the latest legendary Pokémon available in Pokémon Go, but players will only have a few more days to catch it; it can be found until Aug. 14. To make sure you nab one for your Pokédex, The Pokémon Company — and fellow players — have wrangled up some solid tips on how to take Zapdos down.

How do I find Zapdos?

Zapdos is only available during legendary Raid Battles, which happen periodically each day. These run on an unpredictable schedule, so stay vigilant as to which gyms nearby have Raid Battle timers ticking down. One of these could be the legendary fight you’re looking for.

How do I fight Zapdos?

You’ll need to use a Raid Battle pass to gain access to the battle against Zapdos. You can team up with a party of up to 20 players for this, and it’s best to recruit as many other trainers as possible. Zapdos isn’t going to go down easy, especially if you’re not a top-level player.

Which Pokémon should I use?

Zapdos is an electric- and flying-type Pokémon. Its weaknesses are ice- and rock-type attacks, so prioritize building a team with Pokémon who have those in their arsenal.

As it did with Moltres, The Pokémon Company has a handful of tips on which are the best Pokémon to bring into the battle. Zapdos is the toughest of the three legendary birds to take down, with a strong resistance to numerous attack types. Golem is the top pick, according to its guide: It’s a rock-type, for one, but it’s also a ground-type, which means electric-type attacks don’t deal as much damage.

The Pokémon Company notes that rock-type Pokémon like Tyranitar and Rhydon, which can’t land super effective hits on Zapdos, are often still strong enough to take on the bird.

Players on The Silph Road subreddit are less confident in Rhydon’s abilities, instead vouching for the ground-type Piloswine. The Pokémon Company co-signs that recommendation, adding that the attack Avalanche is especially good against Zapdos.

Once I defeat it, how do I catch it?

In terms of winning the fight, just hang in there and optimize your items and Pokémon squad. After that, use those Golden Razz Berries you just won and start throwing some curveballs. There’s an example below of just how you want to aim that special Premier ball to capture Zapdos easily; fast forward to the video’s end to see it.

Hopefully you now have a Zapdos, which means that’s one legendary Pokémon down, and three to go. If you didn’t catch Articuno or Moltres already, you missed your chance ... but at least Lugia is still available.

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